Breaking Ground: 5 Things You Need to Have Done before Starting Construction on a New Home

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If you want to limit the number of surprises that you’ll experience while building your new home, you need to prepare before you break ground. Start with a budget and work your way from that point forward. Here are some of the things that you need to have done before you start constructing your new home.

Select Your Construction Team

Interview several contractors, designers, and other people that will be involved with the building process. You want to select the best team for your needs and budgetary restrictions. Check out their references and any other projects that they’ve completed. This will give you a fuller picture of what to expect out of them before signing them onto your project.

Develop Your Floorplan

Design the plans for your new home. You may want to work with an architect and engineer to ensure that the home that you want to build is feasible. These types of professionals may even be able to give you some pointers on ways to make your design more in-line with what you need and want.

Evaluate Your Site

The site that you want to build your home should be evaluated. This generally involves making sure that the lay of the land is correct for the foundation of your home. Another thing that you should consider is if you have any land contamination issues. This could be caused by chemical spills or other past issues with the soil. Have it tested before you decide to start your construction project.

Obtain Required Permits

Permits are another important aspect of any building project. You don’t want to start building your new home only to realize that you’re in violation of some local ordinance. The permits will protect you from these sorts of surprises. They also serve to ensure that your project is progressing according to code.

Decide on Finishes

Select your finishes ahead of time. This will help to make sure that you’re able to stay on budget. It also helps to ensure that you don’t select a finish that’s on back order. It will give you time to order and receive it before that stage of project is upon you. You don’t want to have to put everything else on hold waiting on a certain item.

Construction can be a complicated business. You can streamline the problems that you may experience by getting ahead of them. Use these tips so that you can make your dream home a reality.

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