How to Get Your Home Ready for Extended Visits

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Unless you are one of the rare people who keep their homes in pristine condition at all times, your house probably needs a bit of a brush-up before you welcome guests. An extended stay of a week or more increases the need for you to prepare your home thoroughly for the unexpected and to ensure that your abode is clean, warm and inviting. Follow these tips to make sure that all parts of your house are ready to go before the next extended stay marked on your calendar.

Keep It Clean

Your first step, of course, is to clean. Start with a general tidying up. Once your stacks of magazines, baskets of toys and loads of laundry are stowed where they need to be, you can attack the actual dusting, scrubbing and sweeping. While a major spring cleaning is most likely not in order, a basic cleaning is a good way to show that you truly care for your guests.

Consider the Age of Guests

If you are expecting very young guests, you may want to store some of your possessions in a closet where they cannot be reached. If you have children coming, try to put together a special basket just for them filled with small toys or coloring books. For teenagers, rent some appropriate movies, or fire up your video game system. If you have invited adults who will be spending some time on their own, leave them a stack of pamphlets about area activities. Remember that your home should always be welcoming to whomever you have invited.

Give Them the Comforts of Home

Your guests should feel as if they are staying in an upscale hotel. Do not fret if you do not have loads of extra money to upgrade your space. You can help your guests feel as if they are in a relaxing space simply by focusing on some of the little touches that can make your guest bedroom and bathroom feel accessible and welcoming. Prepare a separate room for them and fill it with clean linens, stacks of extra blankets and multiple pillows. Stock a basket of basic toiletries and leave it in the bathroom in case they have forgotten a toothbrush or shampoo at home.

Make Sure Home Systems Are Functional

It will be easier to host guests if you do not have to deal with any home mishaps. If you require services for plumbing atlanta ga, call in a technician ahead of time to open drains, repair leaks and improve water pressure in your guest bathroom. Also, ensure that all light bulbs work, appliances function well and your furnace or air conditioner unit keeps your house the correct temperature.

Once you have followed these steps, know that your home is as clean and as welcoming as it can possibly be, and relax. While it can be stressful to welcome guests into your home especially for an extended stay, you can feel calmer and less worried when you know that you have done all that you can to create a special space for them. By ensuring that the nitty-gritty details of your home are cared for, you can rest easy knowing that there should be no plumbing, heating or electrical mishaps around the corner.

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