Breaking Ground: What You Need to Know About Building a Home This Winter

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winter home construction

Remaining productive is the main reason for building a home during the winter. You want to finish the work faster without getting sidetracked by the winter weather. Find out if you are better off building a home during the cold season.

Winter Builders

Not all businesses close for the holidays. Some remain open and get more business this way when there are fewer competitors. Many construction workers and landscapers are willing to work for hours in cold weather if the pay is right. They are trained in all kinds of weather conditions, including snow, rain and fog. Look actively for builders, including plumbers and painters, who are still open.

Roads and Driveways

Many roads, sidewalks and driveways are closed off during the winter because of heavy snow and ice. Make sure that it’s safe and possible to install pavement during this time. If it doesn’t snow, the temperatures could freeze and prevent the road materials from drying properly. Find specialists in winter asphalt paving and maintenance through companies like Mariotti Site Development Co Inc.

Freezing Temperatures

In some winter regions, the temperature remains cold but bearable throughout the day, but workers can work for hours without getting hypothermia. As the sun goes down, the environment gets colder and may dip below freezing overnight. The next morning, the entire landscape could be frozen solid, making it more difficult to work.

Interior Work

It is a challenge to work outdoors in the snow and ice. Workers can still complete the indoor projects, which include the plumbing, electrical and carpentry work. You may need to pay additional costs for heating, but most professionals dress warmly and will not request heating.


You can focus on the remodeling aspects of your home this winter. Postpone the more difficult constructions like digging up the foundation for the warmer months. Focus on smaller projects like siding installation or window replacements.


Some builders may provide discounts for building during the holiday season. On the other hand, there could be additional costs for heating and the removal of frost or snow. It’s also difficult to dig up the ground when it’s frozen. The project takes longer because the equipment takes time to warm up.

While some people take a break during the cold season, others want to continue working on their home. It’s beneficial if you want to finish the project faster or receive holiday discounts. Builders have fewer jobs from other clients and more time to focus on your home. Before you decide, first compare the benefits and disadvantages of winter home building.

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