5 Ways to Prevent Plumbing Issues This Winter

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Cold temperatures, holiday parties, and lengthy winter vacations will all take a toll on your home’s plumbing. Issues such as frozen pipes and slab leaks could easily cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage in a short period of time, and your insurance might not cover the repairs. These few tips and tricks will help you keep your entire plumbing system running smoothly throughout the coldest months of the year.

Use Hot Water Sparingly

During the winter, the water that is going into your water heater is much colder, and that forces the device to work harder. One way to prevent a catastrophic breakdown from overuse is to set the maximum heat to 120 degrees when the weather is cold outside. You should also give your water heater a chance to keep up with demand by spreading out your showers and doing laundry when no one is at home.

Insulate Exposed Water Pipes

Quite a bit of heat is lost while water is moving through your pipes, and that means you will need to turn the settings even higher. By insulating the exposed pipes, you could be able to lower the water heater’s temperature by as much as 4 percent. Insulating the pipes is a simple and affordable project that can generally be completed in just a few hours.

Open All Faucets Occasionally

Faucets or fixtures that don’t get used regularly should be turned on at least once every few days. Any lingering moisture in the pipes that lead to those fixtures might freeze if there is no running water. Occasionally turning on all of the faucets will also relieve some of the pressure in the system and reduce your risk of a burst pipe.

Close and Drain Outdoor Valves

One of your fall maintenance tasks should be getting your outdoor spigots ready for freezing temperatures. In addition to removing and storing hoses, you also need to turn all of the outdoor spigots on and close the indoor shut-off valves. Any water that remains in the outdoor pipes and hoses could cause a tremendous amount of damage.

Don’t Ignore Drips and Slow Leaks

The best time to take care of leaks and drips of is well before the weather starts to cool off. In many cases, a plumbing company like Royalty Plumbing and Gas can easily fix those issues as long as you catch them early enough. Slow leaks that aren’t patched before winter could result in mold and mildew the following spring.

Even modern plumbing systems can become damaged if you don’t take care of your pipes, fixtures, and water heater. Luckily, you should be able to avoid most seasonal plumbing issues with a little bit of foresight and diligence.

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