Follow These Steps to Get the Best Concrete Supplier

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Whether it is a concrete driveway installation or and other type of concrete work, you will need a concrete supplier to help you out. Concrete work is something that would last for many years and as our grandfathers have rightly said, “Haste makes waste.” you may not want to make a complete disaster of your concrete project by rushing in to select a concrete supplier without doing due research.

If an inexperienced contractor does your work, you may end up with several cracks in the concrete and it may even collapse. You probably already know a few good ways to find a concrete supplier, but do you also know the right questions to ask?

Tips to help you find the right contractor for your job

  1. Get references:
    If you know a house down the street with gorgeous concrete work that catches the eye, it is time you paid them a visit and asked for the contact number of the concrete supplier who did their work. Ask your friends, relatives, and co-workers to give you references of good contractors that they know of. Take details about the price affordability, reliability, service satisfaction, and work quality. Make a list of all these suggested contractors.
  2. Get quotes:
    Once you have made the list, you can call the top four to five contractors on your list and explain them your project and ask them to give you a quote. Once you have the quotes, compare all of those quotes with minute detail and consider the offers each concrete supplier has to offer and compare them in an “apple to apple” manner and only then make the right decision. Also, do not get lured by a lot of discounts and too good to be true low quotes.
  3. Say no to verbal contracts:
    Make sure you get every agreement down in writing. There can be a lot of misunderstandings in verbal discussions and contracts. So, it is best advised that you get it written down. Draw up a contract that includes all the details of the work, all materials that are to be used, the project timeline, all the applicable warranties, clean-up and even the payment schedule. This way there would be no misconceptions.
  4. Ask the details of the warranties the concrete supplier would offer:
    Most of the contractors offer a minimum warranty for a period of 1 year. It is a no brainer that if a contractor offers no warranty, you are supposed to cross off that contractor off your list. But if a particular contractor provides a warranty which is longer than 1 year, go into the details. The contractor’s warranty is more likely to contain a number of clauses allowing them to not cover the most likely and worthwhile repairs and such a warranty is equivalent to no warranty at all. If you feel unsure about this, ask your friends, who have recently got concrete work done in their homes, to help you out.

After you have narrowed down on one concrete supplier, your job is still not complete. You have to ask several questions before finalizing the contract:

  1. What warranty do you offer?
  2. What happens if a storm unexpectedly rains on your new concrete?
  3. How long might the job take?
  4. When will you be able to start?
  5. How will the site look when the job is completed?
  6. How thick will the concrete be?
  7. What about the forming of cracks?

With all these tips in your mind, you are a lot wiser in terms of choosing the right concrete supplier and thus, you can rest assured of your job being done perfectly.

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