Great Ideas for Designing an Elegant Bedroom without the Expense

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The bedroom is a very important room in the home. It is an intimate space that should be comfortable, peaceful, serene, and perfect for a restful nights’ sleep. If you are trying to create an elegant atmosphere in your bedroom, it is easy to change the look on even on a limited budget. By making a few improvements, you can revamp your bedroom and create a stylish sanctuary, giving the illusion of luxury and expense.

Color Palette

Painting the bedroom is the easiest way to give the room an upgraded look. The color you select should be a shade that creates a calm and soothing ambiance. Consider using soft pastels and grays, or paint an accent wall providing a focal point. If you simply want to refresh the space, repaint using the existing colors or use a soft shade of white to make it feel clean and crisp.


Adorning the bed with lots of fluffy and plush throw pillows is a great way to transform the look, making it very luxurious and welcoming. Overfill the pillows to make them fuller, and include an assortment of plush velvet pillowcases for added comfort. Mismatch your patterns and fabrics to create a mosaic scheme that gives interest to the room.

Furniture Finds

Go to your local furniture store or shop online as places like Modern Home 2 Go and find the most up to date styles. You can even find unique pieces at antique stores or even your attic. Provide interest by using one or two furniture items to dress up the space and give you a new look.

Light Fixtures

To make the bedroom look elegant, hang a beautiful light fixture over the bed such as a ceiling fan, crystal chandelier, or hanging sconce. Be sure to add a dimmer to the light switch to regulate the amount of light in the space and create a lovely ambiance.

Upgrade Hardware

Replace the hardware on the dresser and nightstands to make them appear high-end. Consider glass or crystal knobs and pulls that sparkle and reflect the light in the space. You can also enhance modern furniture by adding trim or medallions to the drawer fronts. They are just simple additions and fixes, but do a lot to transform your bedroom.


Well placed mirrors add a sense of spaciousness when strategically placed in areas of the room. Add a large mirror opposite to the window to increase light flow, or place a full-length mirror on a feature wall to create an illusion of space. Consider adding embellishments to an ordinary mirror frame to make it look stylish and elegant.

Upgrading the bedroom does not have to be expensive. With these simple enhancements, your bedroom will become the place you will want to spend most of your time. Visit your local home improvement store for more great ideas of how to transform the bedroom into an elegant sanctuary.

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