Three Tips to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out

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When money or space is limited, creating the look of a bathroom can become tricky. Making smart decisions on the functions and design of the room will make the difference between an ordinary restroom and one that will impress. Take into consideration one or all of the following tips when creating a room to complement you and the rest of your home.

Use Wallpaper

An interesting pattern or design that accents the decor will make sure for a conversation starter. Wallpaper is often considered outdated but can transform any room into something extraordinary. Choose a design that is not overwhelming and use it sparingly. Both concepts will prevent giving it the old feel that you want to avoid. Pair it with a complementing tile and the space will look amazing.

Create an Interesting Vanity

There is only so much that you can put in a bathroom. For the necessities, choosing appealing pieces can double as your decor. When creating your sink and vanity station, make decisions that will spruce up the room and reflect your style. Decor Planet ( has a great selection including double sinks, modern styles and free standing and wall mounted choices to please.

Selecting one far from the ordinary can make the space come alive. Consider a vanity station with different shaped pieces, such as a round mirror or countertop instead of the normal rectangular shapes. Having something new and original in the bathroom is sure to be remembered as interesting and appealing.

Install a Unique Shower or Tub

If planning a full bathroom, play with your options for the tub and shower section. Having a handheld shower piece or a rainfall or square showerhead makes for much more interesting bathing. If you like the antique feel, install a clawfoot tub or some old-fashioned fixtures to change things up. It will definitely stand out and break up the usual look of a restroom while providing a personalized shower experience.

It does not have to be difficult to make your bathrooms attractive. They should be a continuance of the look and feel of the rest of your home. Making smart design and decor choices will be what sets your bathrooms apart from the ordinary styles of most. It will become a space that you enjoy being in rather than one used solely for its purpose.

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