Home Relaxation Spots: 4 Tips for Creating a Luxurious Bathroom

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The bathroom is sometimes the only room in your home where you can go to relax and to get a little bit of privacy during the day. Instead of retreating to a room that has a sanitized look all the time, why not create a luxurious bathroom that you enjoy? Here are a few ideas to consider so that you have a bathroom that looks more like a spa than a place where you just go for personal hygiene.

Walk on By

The first step in creating a luxurious bathroom is to install the right kind of flooring. Marble and stone are both stylish, and they are comfortable to walk on in the bathroom. They are easy to clean, and you can find these materials in a variety of colors most of the time along with ceramic tiles. A benefit of these materials in the bathroom is that they are waterproof. You can even consider getting heated flooring installed. That will make it much more comfortable on cold winter mornings. Once the floors are installed, you can focus on the accessories and plush rugs in the bathroom that will make it feel even more comfortable.

Soothing Showers

A nice hot shower is a relaxing way to end your day. Place a few candles around the edge of the shower along with stylish fittings that deliver a modern appearance. If you plan on leaving a shower and tub combination, then consider installing a tub that is large enough for you to sit and relax for an extended time. To keep this area of the bathroom separate from the rest of the space, consider shower screens that can give you a little more privacy while you’re bathing.

Sitting on Your Throne

One of the things that you know you’re going to use in the bathroom is the toilet. Consider investing in one that has a comfortable seat and one that offers a dual flush. There are also toilets that have lids that close a bit slower than slamming down on the seat along with taller backs that look more luxurious than a simple toilet.

All about Accessories

The fine details in your bathroom are what will set it apart from a typical bathroom in a home. A large mirror behind the sink with elegant lights or faucets in an elegant design are just a starting point. A pedestal sink is an option to consider along with a vanity along one wall.

Designing your bathroom can lead to many ideas that will deliver a luxury appearance and feeling when you step inside. Think about the space that you have as this will often determine the details that you can change and what you can include. Whether it’s a complete renovation or adding just a few small details, there are numerous designs that can deliver a relaxing spa day right in your home.

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