Five Cheap Ideas to Make a Small Bathroom Stand Out

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If your small bathroom feels bland, boring, or simply unattractive, you can fix it without a big impact on your budget with some smart decorating designs. Changing specific design elements, or adding new features can make a big difference in how big a room feels. Use these ideas to help get you started.

Design a Focal Wall

Choose one wall in your bathroom to act as a design focal point, and create a mosaic, hang wall art, or use decorative tile in a pattern. This wall will set the theme of the entire room and won’t overwhelm the rest of the walls, so take time choosing the colors or designs used here. Limit your wall space so it draws the eye and doesn’t crowd or make the room seem smaller.

Add a Decorative Mirror

Get rid of a bland, boring, flat mirror and add a decorative framed mirror to provide both function and style. Mirrors possess the additional bonus of making the room appear larger, so the bigger the better here.
If you have trouble finding a mirror you like that also fits your budget, consider looking for a new frame for your existing mirror. When you want to add an extra creative touch, create a frame on the wall around the mirror using decorative tiles. Glass tiles work beautifully for this.

Add New Shower Doors

A small bathroom combined with shower curtains make bathrooms seem smaller, and old, grungy shower doors diminish style. Buy custom shower doors for a cleaner, more polished look. A company like Rex Glass & Mirror Co., Inc. can provide you with different types of glass from flat to rain texture for an added dimension. If the doors you choose are framed, make sure the metal color matches the room’s metal fixtures so everything is visually harmonious.

Update Fixtures

Get rid of dulled, worn out, or too-plain faucets and other fixtures and replace them with an updated style. Doing this simple step alone can make the room feel more modern. Use metals and colors or styles that don’t feel out of place with other decor. In other words, if your bathroom has a sleek, modern design, stick with sleek, simple fixture styles.

New Bold Paint

There is a misconception you should avoid painting small bathrooms dark or vivid colors and instead choose paint hues in a lighter tone because dark colors can often make a space feel smaller. But you don’t have to let this fear keep you from experimenting with bold colors. Painting bathroom walls a deep cobalt blue, bright peacock blue, or rich burgundy makes a stunning, and often luxurious, statement. Just make sure you have a window or some bright light to keep it from getting too dim or dark.

Take your time making changes to your bathroom. Impulsive design additions may cost you more money than you need to pay, and you may not be as pleased with the outcome as you originally thought. If you will be painting or adding tile, find samples of different colors first so you get a better idea of how each color will look in your bathroom.

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