Modern Bathroom Ideas for Creative Homeowners

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While a bathroom should be first and foremost a functional part of anyone’s household, it doesn’t mean that its design has to be strictly bare-bones. An embellishment here and there can improve its functionality just as it can improve its appearance. We list some of the ideas a creative homeowner can implement.


Given that everyone traditionally associates bathrooms with white elements, a black bathtub will instantly give the bathroom a brave, unconventional look. Of course, some homeowners may prefer vivid colors, so there’s nothing wrong with red, blue, or yellow tubs. As for different materials, while some may go for stone bathtubs, especially marble ones, others may feel that wood is more aesthetic. Even glass is an option, as clear bathtubs look daringly modern. Finally, the design is not necessarily constrained by traditional shapes, either. Wavy line at the top of the tub will definitely enliven any bathroom.

Showers and Shower Curtains

Massive showerheads that are required for rain showers seem to be a popular choice. These can even come with their own LED lamps for a truly futuristic look. For shower curtains, the first thing to consider is the choice of material, whether it’s vinyl, fabric or PEVA/EVA. Then, of course, the design of the curtains is a fertile ground for any homeowner’s imagination. From tiled designs to full nature pictures, even daring choices like zebra patterning, the choice is truly vast.


Using wood tiles is a particularly elegant design, but the choice doesn’t just come down to deciding between different materials. Tiles don’t have to be square, so homeowners are encouraged to experiment with various shapes. Curved lines will lend any bathroom a more vibrant and elegant look.


An artistically-minded homeowner might decide to go for something like baroque-shaped gold faucets, although it has to be kept in mind that such bold-looking elements need to fit well with the design of the rest of the bathroom. To some, this may be too ostentatious and costly. Another great, unconventional approach is the clean, slightly futuristic design, full of bold angles and curves. For those looking for simplicity, a narrow brass or copper faucet is a good solution. Cass Brother’s elegant bathroom tapware is an excellent example of what you need to be searching for.

Decorative Pieces

Instead of the traditional, strictly functional bathroom mirrors, an artistic mirror can be implemented in the overall design. Also, bathroom wallpapers are an option to be considered. Something like a cherry tree design will lend a lot of charm to the bathroom. DIY trinkets and flowers will make the bathroom come alive, as well. Furthermore, it’s possible to incorporate elements that are traditionally found in living rooms. Some daring examples include replacing cabinets with a vintage dresser, or using a rug instead of a mat.

While a lot of care should be taken to make all the modern elements of the bathroom design fit aesthetically, homeowners shouldn’t be conservative either. They should trust their taste and not let themselves be limited by traditional solutions. The bathroom is a great place to relax in. As such, it works best if it’s fine-tuned to the owner’s individual taste.

Derek Lotts is a design writer. You can find his ideas at Smoothdecorator.

Image credit: Bathroom by Peter Johnston, on Flickr

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