Home Tips: Maintenance Around The Home That Is Often Ignored

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Homeowners know how expensive and tough it is to keep things looking good and functioning perfectly. Most homeowners first give attention to outdoor things that are unsightly, which neighbors will see, and indoor items, which visitors will see. Things that are hidden can go unchecked for years. A little maintenance now can avoid costly repairs or intervention later.


The intention is to clean them every spring, but gutters often go uncleaned for years. Leaves and other debris can slowly or completely clog gutters. As rainwater pours over the edge, it eventually kills the lawn below or leaves discoloration on sidewalks and driveways. You might be surprised at how much difference cleaning your gutters can make to your home.

Concrete and Deck Sealing

Waterproof sealants are great for increasing the longevity of wooden decks and concrete surfaces. Since an average sidewalk can costs thousands of dollars to replace, a bucket of sealant and a few minutes with a spray applicator can keep concrete and treated wood looking good for many years to come.

Cracks on Driveways and Sidewalks

That small crack in your driveway or sidewalk lets in water and gets worse over time. In areas where it freezes, the water can make the crack wider and contribute to concrete slab heaving and asphalt buckling during freeze and that cycles. A tube of appropriate sealant for concrete or a bucket of asphalt sealant can prevent further damage.

Pest Control

Homeowners will typically call a professional for even the slightest suspicion of termites but often try to handle spiders, ants and bee infestations on their own. Also, any infestation is a sign that something has occurred that gives wildlife access to the home. An annual professional inspection can prevent infestation from insects as well as slithering and four-footed creatures from occurring in the first place.

Tree Pruning

Another often overlooked maintenance chore is the regular pruning of trees around a home. Tree growth left unchecked presents a safety risk to the home and its occupants. Some tree species can grow to dangerous heights without the competition they would normally find in the forest. Diseases and infestations can also cause rot that leads to trees falling. Annual inspections by a tree expert are critical for the safety of the house and occupants.

Clothes Washer Hoses

The first sign of a water hose on a clothes washer failing is usually bubbles forming close to where they are attached at the faucet or washer. Since the attachment points are often hidden behind washers, they go unchecked for years. The first sign of a problem is often flooding caused by a burst hose. This is an inexpensive maintenance that can be done in minutes by an average homeowner with a few tools.

These are just the top often ignored home maintenance chores that can lead to damages that cost thousands of dollars to fix. At the start of each season, be sure to take time for needed maintenance around the home.

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