What Are the Important Things To Do After Your House Floods

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What Are the Important Things To Do After Your House Floods

Few things are more traumatic than a house flood, whether caused by a natural disaster or broken pipes. Home floods are so overwhelming that you may find it tough to function, but you need to act quickly to help put you and your family away from harm, as well as recover afterward. Exactly what are the important things to do after your house floods? Look below to find out.

Stop the Flow of Water if Possible

The most obvious one is to make sure you’ve stopped the water. If the flood is due to a broken pipe, the best way to stop it is to shut off the main water valve of your house. You should learn where this is ahead of time so that you can locate it quickly in the event of a flood.

Turn Off Electricity

The next step is to shut off the electricity. This is tricky since you’ll find most electrical boxes in the basement. However, you don’t want to walk through the water to get to the box because appliances such as washers and dryers may give the water an electric charge. If that’s the only way to access it, you may want to call a qualified electrician to help you shut everything down.

Get Away From the House

You should then get everyone out of the home. Find a safe location near your houses, such as your yard or the home of a family member, friend, or neighbor who is willing to take you in for a short while. Check to see if anyone’s injured. If this is the case, get medical attention for anyone who needs it.

How To Handle Emergency Situations

If a natural disaster causes a flood, the procedures change slightly. You need to find out what local authorities are recommending, and your best bet might be to get to a shelter as quickly as possible. Once you’ve handled the emergency-level issues, you need to get a different kind of help. Assess to see if your house is still livable and start making a list of steps in the recovery process.

Start the Recovery Process

After that, call your home insurance company or your landlord, depending on which applies to your situation. This will help you get a handle on the recovery process, and it will also clarify the important things to do after your house floods.

Document Everything You Can

Make sure you keep track of everything as you go. Take many photos from various perspectives; doing so might save you hundreds of dollars if your insurance company gives you any problems. You’ll need to figure out whether you need to repair or replace any appliances that got damaged, as well as repair damage to any structures or other issues that occurred.

Start the Cleanup Process

The ultimate step is to start the cleanup if it’s feasible for you to do this independently. Make sure you stay safe and wear the appropriate gear. You should also contact the Red Cross if you’re dealing with a flood caused by a natural disaster.

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