Keeping Your House Up And Running – 4 Simple Ways To Ease The Stress

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You want your home to be your castle and a source of comfort, but you need to take care of the property. Neglecting maintenance can lead to costly repairs and untimely breakdowns. There’s nothing like having your furnace break during the polar vortex and then having to wait until the next day for service, but you can avoid these emergencies when you follow these four simple steps.

Get the HVAC Tuned Up

You wouldn’t dream of neglecting your car by not changing the oil, but that’s what people do to their furnaces. Most reputable companies offer annual tune-up services to keep your HVAC system performing smoothly. If you’re looking for a good company, Southtown Heating and Cooling can handle sales and installations of new HVAC equipment in your home, as well as a general tune-up.

They’ll tighten connections, lubricate moving parts and make sure that your blower is properly positioned. With this annual service, you can make sure that your system stays more energy efficient and avoid the trauma of having your heat go out when it’s ten below. Give your furnace an added layer of protection by replacing the filter every month to promote air flow.

Never Ignore Water Leaks

That annoying dripping faucet is a catastrophe waiting to happen. Tonight it’s keeping you awake drop by painful drop, but next week it could break loose and flood water all over your house while you’re at work. While the idea of an indoor swimming pool may be appealing on some levels, you really don’t want to deal with the ruined flooring, tattered carpet and risk of mold. Whether you do the work yourself or have to call a plumber, you should get the water leak fixed as soon as possible.

Clean the Gutters and Check the Roof

There are countless jokes about cleaning the gutters. In fact, the chore is about as enjoyable as cleaning the windows, but it still has to be done. Gutters that are clogged allow water to overflow. The water can back up onto the roof and get under shingles, it can come in along your fascia to damage the siding of your home or it can splash down along the foundation to damage that structure. If you really hate cleaning the gutters, then get covers so you can skip this chore.

Another option is a little robotic device that goes into the gutter and sends all the gunk flying into the air as it rushes to one end of your gutter. If nothing else, the robot will certainly have some good entertainment value. While you’re cleaning out rotted leaves, sticks and mystery items, check the roof for curling shingles or other damage. If necessary, call a roofing company to address those problems.

Replace the Caulk

This goes along with never ignoring water leaks. Caulk fails with time. It’s a simple fact of the construction industry. Caulk that’s shrunken and peeling up is certainly unattractive, but there’s more to the problem than looks. The caulk around your commode, tub, sink and backsplashes is there to stop water from going behind and under these fixtures. Without proper caulk, damage will progress unchecked. Eventually, you’ll be staring at a massive bill for replacing joists, subfloors and even walls. Spare yourself the sticker shock and avoid the second mortgage by just replacing the caulk.

Of course, all of these chores will take some time on your part, but it’s time well spent. Make the investment in these minor steps today and your house will remain in top condition. It’s an easy way to keep the home up and running, and you’ll rest easier knowing that you’re taking care of your home.

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