Is the West the Best In London?

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One of the best things about London is its variety. Over the centuries since settlers first realised that making a home next to the mighty River Thames was a good idea, the areas and boroughs that have established themselves since then have all managed to define their very own personalities, which in turn has made it difficult for newcomers to the great city to decide where it is they should live. We believe that anyone can live in London, but you don’t want to find yourself buying or renting a property in an area that doesn’t suit them or their needs.

For the benefit of our readers and so that this article doesn’t bore you all to tears by going on for too long, we are going to split London into four main parts: East, West, South and North. We will briefly examine their good bits and their bad bits, so that you may be better placed to decide where it is in London that you should call Home.


The East is arguably the most ‘fashionable’ area of London, and can be broadly defined as anywhere east of Liverpool Street Station. It is the home of the ‘cockney’, and is also home to trendy shops and boutiques, experimental cuisine, and of course Canary Wharf – London’s answer to Wall Street in New York. It is on the whole up-and-coming, with improved transport links to the West and its very own stubborn personality that is determined to shake off its dated notion of being the poorer side of London. Go here if you can’t make up your mind. You will mingle with investment bankers at the same time as up and coming bands. House prices are lower here compared to the rest of London, so investment here – particularly in the area around Victoria Park, is a pretty safe bet.


The west of London is traditionally where all the money is, and that is probably still true to this day. It is defined by the famous townhouses of Chelsea and Belgravia, and by the fact that most embassies choose to base themselves here, amongst the leafy areas around Hyde Park and up to Notting Hill and Holland Park. Do not expect edgy culture or an experimental vibe – the west of London is somewhere you go to impress people, and is still very much rooted in the ‘old-school’. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are commonplace, as is high-end shopping and restaurants. Buying here can be very difficult, so allow for a company like Benthorp to help you make the right decision.


The area to the south of the Thames has for a long time been the butt of jokes, with Londoners who live on the north-side constantly ribbing the ‘poor’ who live ‘on the other side’. Although stubborn Londoners still find this funny, the South is quietly making a very strong case for itself. Beautiful quiet areas like Kennington and Clapham Common combine with quirky urban landscapes like those in Brixton and Elephant and Castle to make the South an ever more desirable place to call home. Whereas 20 years ago those living in these areas would have had to have crossed the river for any sort of cultural entertainment, nowadays a lot of them never leave. Brixton Village wins constant awards for its cuisine, and Brockwell Park is a green space that can rival any other in London. Come here if you want to be part of its wonderful future.


If the West of London is traditionally the most expensive place to live, then the North probably comes in at a close second. The North boasts areas such as St Johns Wood, Hampstead, Camden and Finsbury Park, with each place offering a little something of its own. The North is often forgotten, but you must remember that that is because ‘northerners’ are a very selfish bunch, not particularly willing to share their wonderful pubs and green open space with the rest of us. One day, take an afternoon off and go and see for yourself. You will be surprised by the diversity and indeed friendliness of the locals, who see no reason to leave their beloved area.

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