4 Things to Watch Out for In a New Home

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A new house offers the promise of a new start, especially if you’ve moved to a new location. The excitement of moving into the property can blind you to various red flags that can become problems later. A low-priced home may end up costing thousands more in terms of fixing those defects that may not have looked like anything to worry about when you were moving in. Whether it’s a new construction or a second-hand property, don’t assume that the seller is looking out for your interests.

Smelly Basement

A new home that comes with a pungent odor should put you on alert immediately. This smell may come from any number of problems, but the most likely one is water damage. Water damage cause a lot of problems very quickly, particularly if the structure of the home is already compromised. Check for other signs such as cracking, crumbling, and chipping the paint. Bad smells could also be indicative of a pest problem. Make sure that you get a thorough inspection before you buy a home with a bad smell.

Water Control

The slope of a home determines how well it drains water when it rains. Sometimes home buyers focus too much on the inside and forget the exterior components. Make certain that the gradient of the ground is away from the base of the property. Look at the positioning of the downspouts. Will they transport water properly away from the foundation of the house? Ask the owner or builder where the water has been collecting during rainstorms.


Given the ever-rising costs of energy, a home with poor insulation can become an endless money pit. Proper insulation can help minimize the cost of heating and cooling a property. Insulation keeps warm air in when it’s cold and reduces the heat absorption into the home when it’s hot. Evaluate the level of insulation fitted on the ceiling and walls. Make sure the attic has proper insulation, as this could be a huge burden on your heating and cooling systems. Ensure the insulating material is good quality for long lasting benefits.

The Roof

Don’t just concentrate on the aesthetics of the roof, although they are vital. Consider the installation of each piece too. Will the shingles survive harsh weather or will they detach at the first storm? Look for missing shingles and signs of old age. Sometimes, adding another layer of roofing may be necessary to improve its quality. If there is a chimney, check the brickwork where it connects with the roof to ensure its intact.

While these may be things you can observe on your own, make sure you have a competent inspector check the home before you buy it. Your realtor will be able to help you find an inspector who will protect your interests and make sure your new home is a good investment.

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