5 Aspects to Keep in Mind When Building the Guest Room

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Developing an additional guest room within the home is dependent on the future needs of the user and whether or not the stay is permanent to semi-permanent. Many homes will have a guest room that consists of a basic bedroom with a closet and perhaps a small private bathroom. While you want your guest to feel welcome, you don’t need to develop five-star resort-style living quarters. Besides, you may not have the actual space in order to develop such lavish living. However, there are some comforts that need to be added in order to make the room feel, "homey."

1. Studio Style – Studio apartments are a popular design especially for single people. It opens the living area, bedroom, and usually kitchen areas into one large space. The only real separation in a studio is that of the bathroom.

Studio apartments can range from the small 300 square-foot units to large and spacious types measuring in thousands of square feet. In order to visualize the square footage, a 12-foot by 15-foot living room is 180 square feet. That may not sound like a lot until you try to fill it with furniture. In retrospect, a 300 square-foot room is very large compared to average living spaces.

2. Bathrooms – Like the rest of your addition, the design of the bathroom is going to depend on the needs of the person staying in it. For the elderly, the room may have to be developed for physical handicaps. This includes hand-rails and non-slip surfaces.

In many homes, the second bathroom is merely a toilet, a small sink, and a standing shower. A room of this nature can take up very little space. For many, a standing shower may be all that is necessary. However, installing a tub can provide the guest with an option to "soak" after a long day. Just be aware of your available construction space.

3. Kitchenettes – Although your nanny or in-laws will spend a great deal of time within the confines of your actual home, some could feel a greater independence if a small kitchenette was installed. These are basically a small fridge, microwave, sink, and perhaps a small stove. Many of these kitchenettes can take up less room as the small bathroom as mentioned above. By no means is one of these kitchenettes practical for heavy use, but it can give your guest the feeling of being home and to be able to make a midnight snack without having to raid your own refrigerator.

4. Built-in Furnishings – A popular trend in some of the larger cities is the living area that has furniture built into the construction. Aside from the popular bed that folds out from the closet, bookshelves, dresser drawers, and even televisions can be built right into the wall to maximize space allotments. Although this makes the walls themselves a bit wider, the space saving attributes could be worth the construction methods.

5. Access Doors – If you’re planning on building a room specifically for move-in nannies or in-laws, the separate access to the "apartment" is another aspect of independence. Many homeowners don’t relish this idea for it grants another access point into their homes. However, it could be beneficial if the in-laws want to come and go as they please without disrupting your own lifestyle and habits. This could also enhance the privacy that the guest feels when staying within the addition. While you may not condone your visitors entertaining guests of their own, the option could enhance the experience of the person staying in your addition.

Some of the most comfortable of guest rooms are those that have nearly all of the attributes of a small apartment. If you are planning to hire a live-in nanny or need a place for your in-laws to stay, getting as close to an apartment as possible can make them feel comfortable and independent. Properly drawing up plans for the addition will give you a better idea of what you are able to accomplish given the amount of space you have available. Maximize your space, but don’t make it feel like a closet by adding too much.

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