Popular Deck Options for Today’s Homeowners

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A home with a deck is considered a value-added bonus by real estate agents. List your home with a deck that is in good condition and you’ll attract buyers who enjoy easy access to the great outdoors and just steps from your main living area. Decks come in all sizes and shapes, with a style to match your home. Read on and we’ll explore the various types of decks out there.

Standard Deck

The typical home with a deck has one that is located at the back of the house and may extend out by up to 12 feet and over by 20 feet. Those dimensions will, of course, vary. Usually, such decks are accessed through a family room or a kitchen, and are proportionate to the home’s size.

Wraparound Deck

Take a standard deck and extend it the width of your house and you have a very big deck. For added appeal, you can wrap it around another side of the house, much like a wraparound porch. Such decks are more common at the shore and may even surround the entire house, mimicking a "lighthouse view" look.

Platform Deck

Ideal for homes where a patio might once have been sufficient, a platform deck is located just inches above the ground. Typically, these decks replace a patio or may sit on top of a patio. Platform decks are ideal in homes where the back entrance is nearly level with the ground.

Privacy Deck

Close in living means that homeowners may want some privacy on their decks, just what this type of deck provides. Usually, one or both sides are walled in, to keep neighbors from peeping in. The back is, of course, left open to give full access to the yard and an unimpeded view of the surroundings. Some privacy decks also have a roof, with ceiling fans and lighting installed.

Multilevel Deck

If your home is on a slope or you want to provide different levels of entertaining, a multilevel deck may be right for you. Such decks can come in different styles and can span the entire rear of house and gradually drop down by levels to the ground. Similarly, a bi-level deck provides more than one level with steps connecting both levels and stairs leading to the ground.

Two-Story Deck

Two family homes can give families living down and up nearly the same access to the great outdoors. This type of deck has two floors and the decks are connected by beams. Access, however, is by two separate stairways with usually no connection between the two. Such decks are common at beach communities.

Decoration Ideas

Every deck can be decorated according to your needs and tastes. Your furniture choices can include a picnic table or an outdoor table with matching chairs and an umbrella. For a more cozy atmosphere, include lounge chairs, a love seat or even a chair swing. Make use of plush cushions that can be easily removed and brought inside or stored outside when conditions warrant it. Include end tables and if you’re a frequent entertainer, a wet bar on wheels with refrigeration can delight your guests.

Your lighting choices can also vary and can include hanging lights, string lights and paper lanterns. Match or contrast your lights with your furniture and be more aggressive in your lighting choices if your deck is enclosed. Change the lighting to suit your mood or to honor a special occasion such as a birthday or a holiday.
You can also decorate your deck with fresh plants and flowers. Install hanging baskets or place window boxes on both sides to create a natural barrier to your neighbors. If your deck is large enough, large plants in decorative containers can be strategically placed in corners and away from main walking areas.

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    Multi-level decks are also great for people that might put in a hot tub at a later time. Build a level to the height of the hot tub, and plan the joists accordingly. It will be very easy to cut out the boards later and drop in the tub!

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