Understanding Submersible Pump Accessories

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For industrial purposes, submersible water pumps no doubt makes for a better and more efficient option to bank on. Widely used in the industrial sector for its beneficial features, these pumps are sealed closely which allows it to be submerged in fluid content without trouble. The primary advantage of using this water pump is that it helps stop cavitations, added with its characteristic of pushing the fluid towards the surface instead of pulling it. When compared with jet pumps, these packaged pumping systems do make for a more handy and helpful solution.

Usage of Submersible Pumps

Growing in popularity largely, this system of pumping is used in various applications such as sewage, oil well, drainage, general industrial purposes and many more. It is also functional in other activities including fire fighting, irrigation, drilling, and mining, aquarium filters etc. that makes the entire process organized, systematic and effective at its best.
Even though the infrastructure and feature of this industrial water pump has changed and evolved dramatically over the years, the basic operational process of this device remains the same. With proper focus and attention given to the rotational speed as the chief mechanism, submersible water pumps successfully converts kinetic energy to pressure on the produced liquids.

Accessories Associated With Industrial Water Pump

There are several prominent accessories that make for a crucial part of this water pump as stated below:

  • Gauge with Liquid Filled Pressure
    Filled with liquid glycerin, this gauge is used with the purpose of preventing the device from getting frozen. It also acts as a pillow cushioning surrounding the needle for better working benefits. It has been observed that the glycerin gauges used in the water pump are more costly when compared to the dry ones.

  • Air Volume Control
    The second prominent accessory that is installed in the packaged pumping systems is the air volume control, which is better known as the AVC. This device is used to allow excess air release through the pressure tank which does not have a rubber bladder lining. This accessory is also helpful in controlling and channelizing the air volume towards the side of the tank.

  • Rubber Bleeder
    Making for one of the valves that play a crucial role in injecting air into the tank application through galvanized pressure, rubber bleeder is usually placed at a depth of 3′-21′ inside the well. Each stick of the bleeder is again coupled with an additional section that is clipped together with couplings. The valve of this device makes sure that the water gets to pass through the tank rightly. However when the pump shuts off the snifter value, it drains the fluid back into the surface, making the air stay in the first piping stick.

  • Torque Arrestor
    This is a centering tool that helps hold the pump, pipe and wiring at the center in its right position. As many wells are made of steel casing, they tend to have jaggy edges. To avoid getting your pumping system get snapped against these wall edgings, it is wise to install torque arrestor which can also be used in residential and home wells.

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