4 Ways Winter Weather Can Affect Your Home

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4 Ways Winter Weather Can Affect Your Home

Winter may look different depending on where you live, but the cold temperatures and other weather conditions common in many areas can cause serious damage to your home. It’s not unusual to see blizzards, ice storms, and subzero temperatures during the winter months, but you might not know how these factors can impact your life. With that, discover four ways winter weather can affect your home.

Frozen Pipes

Water pipes in your home’s attic, basement, or exterior walls are susceptible to freezing during the winter months. When water freezes in the pipes, they expand and can crack or even burst. Once the pipes unfreeze, water then seeps through those cracks into your home and causes even more damage to your drywall, carpet, and more.


You can winterize exposed pipes by wrapping them with thermal pipe tape and keeping the temperature in your home consistent throughout the day and night. If you are away from home for several days, consider turning your water off completely and draining the pipes to prevent them from freezing and bursting.

Damaged Window Caulking

It can be tough to stay warm during the winter months, and you probably rely on your doors and windows to keep cold air out and warm air in. Dramatic temperature changes can cause the caulk or seals around your windows to pull away, creating cracks and gaps for air to move in and out of your home.


Because gaps in your window seals can cause your energy bill to increase significantly, you should do what you can to stop heat loss. The best way to avoid damaged window caulking is to inspect the seals a few times each year and repair them as necessary.

Fallen Gutters

Winter weather brings snow and ice, which can build up on your roof and gutters throughout the season, and these elements aren’t lightweight. Snow and ice can put a significant amount of weight on your gutters, causing them to separate from your home and fall.


Even if your gutters are new, the weight of snow and ice can cause them to detach. Consider installing heat tape or electric heating cables on your roof and gutters to keep heavy ice buildups from forming.

Elevated Radon Levels

Radon levels can be higher at different times of the year, depending on the weather and other factors. Radon is extremely dangerous for you and your family, and extensive exposure can cause serious health concerns. You should also know that radon is impossible to detect with human senses.


Although you can’t keep radon out of your home entirely, you can test levels regularly to ensure your family’s safety. Additionally, understanding the factors that can impact radon test results is the best way to get the most accurate response possible.

After learning these four ways winter weather can affect your home, you’re ready to prevent unexpected damage to your house. Whether your location experiences harsh or mild winters, it can’t hurt to prepare for anything this season may throw your way.

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