How To Keep Your Construction Equipment in Good Shape

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How To Keep Your Construction Equipment in Good Shape

Many of us forget that construction equipment can cost thousands of dollars; with a product like that, you might never want to use it for fear of damaging it. With the wear and tear we put our machinery through, a lack of proper care can result in a very short lifespan. While we must use these products for our projects, we can still take measures to ensure they last as long as possible. Here’s how to keep your construction equipment in good shape.

Plan Ahead

Before you set to use your equipment, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. You should check the soil you will be working on for any cables or water lines and stay aware of possible obstacles down the line. Planning ahead with your equipment is similar to a game of chess—you must think several steps in advance.

Moreover, try to do this every time, even for common tasks. For example, if you’re digging trenches with a mini-excavator, you might forget to check for these things due to the commonality of this construction task. However, as you know, failure to do this could result in serious problems, like your excavator tipping or sliding.

Record Keeping

The best way to maintain your construction equipment is thorough and detailed record keeping. This record-keeping will also ensure that your project moves forward with no snags in the road. No record is too mundane—the most efficient supervisors will often record where the equipment is at all times and its required condition for operation. Consistent record keeping will help you keep up with any maintenance your equipment needs, avoiding delays and unforeseen costs.

Scheduled Checks

If you have ever been on a plane, you likely have noticed various workers at the airport checking and double-checking the plane to ensure that everything runs smoothly. These workers do this every time, with no exception. As such, you might consider scheduling regular checks on your equipment. Take extra care to check the condition of the tires, axle, and any parts of your equipment that touch the ground, as these areas see the most wear and tear.

Regular Cleaning

Of course, regular cleaning is important for your equipment, so you should be diligent in this area. Your equipment is always subject to the various forces of nature, from dust to snow to rain. While your machinery is heavy duty and can handle most things, a storm can make its way into the battery and wiring, drastically cutting down on years of use. Regularly cleaning your equipment will keep it running for the long haul and contribute to the appearance of a well-maintained construction site.

Correct Fuel Usage

As we have covered, nature plays a huge role in the longevity and quality of your machinery. For example, colder weather can cause your fuel to start gelling. That is why contractors will usually adjust the type of fuel they use to accommodate the changing climate. With summer here, make sure you use the correct fuel for your machinery. For the warmer months, many contractors like to go with No. 2 diesel as it’s cheaper and better for the engine.

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