4 Ways To Make Your Tiny Home Feel Bigger

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4 Ways To Make Your Tiny Home Feel Bigger

Tiny living has been an increasingly popular trend over the last few years. Living in a tiny home is known to save you money while helping the environment, all while giving you a cozy and comfortable place to live. But when you first look at the plans for your tiny home, you might think it looks too cozy. Adding too much square footage would defeat the purpose of a tiny home, though, so you can end up feeling stuck. Luckily, there are four ways to make your tiny home feel bigger without adding square footage. Keep reading to learn more.

Design Tall Ceilings and Different Levels

As you work on the designs for your tiny home, prioritize tall ceilings that will allow you to design different levels throughout your home. These different levels will act as rooms without walls, so the space is open to the eye but you still have specified spaces. Having specified spaces that you have to travel to by going up or down different levels will make your home feel much bigger without adding square footage.

Use Natural Light and Light Colors

Bringing natural light into your tiny home will also make it feel bigger than it is, especially if you design your home with light colors. This is because the natural light will bounce off these light colors, making the room feel bigger. You can also use colors commonly found in nature, like blues and greens, to draw the eye through the room and out the windows, which gives the illusion of more space.

Get Creative With Storage

Tiny homes are exactly that—tiny. They’re designed for minimalist living, which means if you’re making a big move from a larger home filled with items to a tiny home, you may worry about storage. Get creative with storage by using every inch of space possible, from walls to under furniture. You can build cabinets under the stairs that go to the different levels in your home, design a built-in cabinet in your bathroom wall for all your toiletries, and buy furniture that comes with built-in storage drawers.

Embrace Outdoor Living

Even with all these ways to make indoor living seem bigger, you may just have to get outside sometimes. Embrace outdoor living at your tiny home by adding a deck, porch, or rooftop that will give you more functional space without technically adding square footage. Keep your outdoor space comfortable year- round by installing awnings to provide privacy and temperature control. Who knows; you may enjoy the outside of your home as much as you enjoy the inside!

Designing tall ceilings and different levels, using natural light and light colors, getting creative with storage space, and embracing outdoor living are four ways to make your tiny home feel bigger. You can enjoy all the benefits and none of the frustrations of tiny living by adding these elements to your home!

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