4 Things To Know Before Adding a Sunroom

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4 Things To Know Before Adding a Sunroom

Adding a sunroom is the perfect touch to any home. Whether you’re looking for the ideal getaway in the late afternoons or extra space for entertainment, a four-season room might be for you. Even though it’s great to have the extra space, it’s essential to research and ensure that this is the right project. Here are the four things to know before adding a sunroom.

DIYing It Isn’t a Good Idea

Homeowners might find it easier and more affordable to build their structure, but it could lead to problems later. For example, if you aren’t sure how much of a wall to remove, you will have a sloped or crooked sunporch.

If you neglect to check for wood rot, water damage, mold, or termites, you may suffer the consequences. Hire a professional contractor to work with you to inspect the walls so you can find the best spot.

Who You Work With Makes a Difference

While it’s essential to hire a contractor for serious changes to your home’s structure, you don’t want to hire just anyone—requesting references, checking their background, and asking questions about building codes can help determine the best fit.

A professional worker should know the local building codes and have references available upon request. Avoid running into problems with shady companies or independent workers by researching them first.

There Are Different Materials To Use

Every four-season room is different—not all of them have the same material. But finding the right materials will make all the difference in the installation. Many porches have aluminum, wood, and vinyl—each one has its benefits. The material you choose will impact your decision when you select the size of your dumpster.


Aluminum is a durable material that’s weather resistant. Similar to stainless steel, aluminum can morph into any shape you desire.


Vinyl is a preferred choice because it comes in many colors. Homeowners also appreciate the sustainability of having a recyclable material that improves energy.


Wood’s an excellent traditional material, but the downside is that it warps. As long as they have the right fasteners on, you won’t need to worry about pieces falling off and breaking. A wooden structure can last a long time with the proper care.

Sunrooms Can Have Heat and Air

Sunrooms are also called four-season rooms. The reason it’s called a four-season room is because it can have heat and air. When homeowners have good-quality glass, they have the chance to enjoy sitting during the winter or summer. Use a ceiling fan and an HVAC unit to improve the space’s pleasantness.

While learning the great things to discover about sunrooms, keep in mind that sunrooms take time, and the cost to install one varies. Work with your contractor to find more ways to customize your sunroom.

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