Tips for Maintaining Your Shipping Container Home

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Tips for Maintaining Your Shipping Container Home

Most people are surprised at how versatile shipping containers are, and some are shocked that you can even use them as de facto homes. However, more and more people all over the world are using shipping containers as their permanent residences. It may seem out-of-the-box, but owning one of these unique homes offers many advantages.

As with any home, maintenance is essential for a shipping container home. But taking care of a container home is a little different than maintaining an ordinary house. We’ve compiled some tips for maintaining your shipping container home along with some notes on how to implement them and why they’re important.

Put a Roof Over It

Shipping containers are sturdy and strong, but it’s still good to give your home an overhead structure as protection. A new shipping container home has an estimated life span of 25 years if you leave it uncovered. That’s quite a long time, but if you put a roof over it, that life span doubles to 50 years.

The reason for this is simple: shipping containers that get wet are susceptible to rust, so keeping your container dry should be your number one priority. A roof provides the necessary protection from rain and snow. It also protects the shipping container from sunlight, which can fade the exterior paint.

Use Rust-Proof Paint

Given the importance of a roof to prevent rust from debilitating your shipping container, the significance of rust-proof paint is clear. The fact is that the paint used on most shipping containers manufactured before 2017 is unsafe. These shipping containers weren’t built for housing, and the solvent-based paint can be toxic to residents.

Rust-proof paint is a simple solution to this problem. You can even add it yourself if you’re a DIY type. If you combine the paint with a solid roof, the two will add years—if not decades—to your shipping container home.

Put On Siding

Now that you’ve covered your shipping container home and painted it, it’s time to consider adding siding. This is one of the best tips for maintaining your shipping container home, and once again, it’s all about protection. The siding acts as another layer of armor against the elements, and it can even offer some better insulation if your container is located in a cold climate.

However, you can also use siding to transform a shipping container from a metal box into a genuinely cozy home. You can use wood, vinyl, composite wood, or fiber cement siding; just make sure you don’t make any cuts in the shipping container itself, as this will compromise the benefits of installing the siding in the first place.
Those are some of the ways you can keep your shipping container home protected. Follow our tips, and your shipping container home is sure to last as long as you need it to!

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