5-Step Checklist to Building Your Florida House

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5-Step Checklist to Building Your Florida House

After buying a plot of land, you’re looking forward to spending long days in the sun and warm climate. However, you did not factor in the unpredictable weather, the high living cost, and your future home’s insurance coverage. Feel free to help yourself to our five-step checklist to building your Florida house.

Research Your Location

The first thing to do before buying land in a city you’ve never spent more than a few days in is actually visiting more often.

When you stay in a town longer than a month, you begin to learn about the culture, your potential neighbors, the school system, and what the climate is like.

Understanding and knowing these things can help you learn how to live in a town that either receives a lot of rain or hardly gets any sunshine.

Also, driving through the new area can help you determine what a daily commute to work, shops, and restaurants looks like, so you’re not bombarded with unexpected waves of traffic the first time around.

Plot Everything Out

While planning everything out, start coming up with interpretations on what you’d like to see in your dream home. Think about it: from an open floor plan with sunlight pouring down, flooding the room, to a small house with arches that climb high.

However you envision your dream house, make sure to write it down, so your home designer knows and has an idea of your style.

For more inspiration on home décor and designs, check out home style magazines, shows, and websites. You’re bound to feel inspired when looking at other resources.

Create a Budget

The next step is a little tricky, so pay close attention. Setting a budget is hard, but you can do it as long as you strategize. Although Florida’s an expensive state, the weather’s a bigger hurdle to work around.

So, as you plan your construction, ask your contracting team how you can stormproof your future Florida home, so you’re ready for hurricane season.

Additionally, start thinking about other things in your budget, like these ideas:

  • Exterior spaces
  • Kitchen amenities
  • Extra storage space
  • A bonus basement

Get Insurance and Permits

The last thing you want is someone from the city knocking on your door with a ticket. So, while you’re researching, asking about permits and even Florida’s building codes early on can help avoid potential issues and forced tear-downs.

Talk to your builder about getting the correct permits, and talk to your insurance provider about policies that can protect your home from bad weather and other unforeseen events.

Now that you have learned all you could from our five-step checklist to building your Florida home, you can kick back and relax while your builder begins preparations. Start talking about the essential steps of creating a stellar home that protects your family and exceeds what you previously envisioned.

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