Equipment to Rent When Building Your Own Home

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Equipment to Rent When Building Your Own Home

A creative mind will be essential in the process of designing your dream home. However, there is plenty of equipment you’ll need to obtain to make that fantasy a reality. If you need help moving the process along smoothly, it will help to know what equipment to rent when building your own home. Here, learn what each piece of heavy machinery is and how they will all make the process easier for you.


An excavator will speed up the most challenging tasks in a residential development project. An excavator that uses a final drive motor can handle digging for utility lines, clearing and cleaning ditches, evening out the terrain, and extracting stumps. Also, its range of motion will help you maneuver in tight spaces, with mini excavators available for the even smallest of areas.


Like a baseball player who plays multiple positions, a telehandler can handle a wide variety of jobs that involve lifting. With a telehandler in tow, getting materials to higher levels of your project will be much easier, considering most machines can lift over a ton. Furthermore, telehandlers are great for moving over bumpy land, making your ride feel as smooth as possible.


People often associate bulldozers with destruction; however, they accomplish a few other duties that everyone needs on a home construction project. In particular, you can use one to even out the terrain and clear a passage to move around the site.


If you need to get supplies to workers, dig through the soil, or fill in holes, utilizing a backhoe can be your go-to move. Other machines on this list might be able to perform these tasks as well, but they’ll come in a smaller size and pull workers away from other responsibilities.


Everything on the site probably won’t go 100-percent smoothly, so using tools like a generator may limit any unnecessary downtime. A portable generator lets laborers carry on their responsibilities in less than ideal situations, such as working at night or in an area with limited power sources.

General Tools

While heavy machinery may be fun to use during your project, other equipment can improve your comfort and make working easier. Items like a power buggy can free up other machines that need to move around heavier materials. Lastly, fans will add some ventilation to stuffy spaces during the summer, and space heaters will make conditions more suitable for work during the winter.

When looking for equipment to rent when building your own home, you can’t go wrong with any of these items. Each piece of machinery handles specific tasks differently, so you’ll need to decide which items best fit your needs as you go about creating your dream home. Talk things over with a contractor before figuring out a game plan. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping in the best thing you ever created.

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