Reasons Why Screws Are Preferred Over Nails

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Reasons Why Screws Are Preferred Over Nails

Most people outside of the scope of construction don’t realize there are different purposes for screws and nails. Outside of the DIY projects and around-the-house maintenance, there’s a huge difference between the two, making them two factions favored for their own unique abilities. Here are some reasons why screws are preferred over nails.

The Ease of Use

Prior to the invention of the screw, nails were the primary thing to use when securing things together in construction. Now that screws are plentiful and readily available, they’ve flooded the market and remain the main competitor with nails. People are drawn to using screws because they’re super effective, keep things bound tightly, and are so easy to use. When you’re using a power drill, you can stick a screw anywhere you want in a matter of seconds.

Grip Strength of Screws

Screws have an ability that nails simply don’t: grip strength. You can be sure that years from the completion of your project, your screws will hold just as tight and secure as they did the day you made it (especially if you use lag screws.) Nails, on the other hand, will most likely loosen and come out, as they have been proven to do time after time.

One other factor to consider with screws if you’re worried about their shear strength is going with different metals and sizes. The larger and longer the screw, and the type of metal used will help greatly with shear strength that screws would otherwise lack.

Shear Strength of Nails

Nails are known for their sheer strength. They won’t break when inside an object that encounters horizontal force. The tensile strength of screws gives them grip strength, but they are more brittle than nails whenever it comes to sheer strength.

However, if you choose the right metals and sizes for screws, they can be just as hardy as nails. Nails are very flexible, which is why they tend not to break. Like screws, if you’re going for something larger, this will help with your tensile strength. Also, nailing in numbers will increase the grip strength of your project. It’s always extremely important to that you go with quality materials, so make sure you purchase a trusted brand that’ll last so you don’t go through a tremendous number of nails. Cheaper varieties tend to break or rust and can therefore be hard to manage.

So, when making the decision over which tools to use for your projects, you may be more comfortable with nails than screws, but this doesn’t necessarily make them more effective. Unless you have a nail gun on hand, they could make your project incredibly difficult and won’t hold up as well as if you used screws. And likewise, unless you have a high-powered drill and drill bit set to drill pilot holes, it may prove to be hard to work with screws. So, it’s really your preference, however screws tend to get the vote for their ease of use and overall quality when building. These have just been a few reasons why screws are preferred over nails.

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