Tips To Make Your Home Unique

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As a homeowner, you don’t have to create a home like the ones seen in magazines, nor do you have to follow any interior design rules. Following our tips to make your home unique will move in the right direction in making your home what you’ve always dreamed it would be—a reflection of you.

Everything is Artwork

Artwork isn’t always paintings on a canvas. Those are great and highly recommended for unique decorating. Just keep these other art ideas in mind as well:

  • Children’s drawings
  • Your own drawings and canvas paintings
  • Plates, especially a mix of china
  • Frames
  • Photos, including old family photos or photos found at flea markets
  • Paintings found at second-hand shops or flea markets
  • Postcards
  • Mirrors: old, new, and even cracked

The list goes on, but you get the picture. If something catches your eye, hang it on a wall.

Feel free to hang artwork in unconventional ways to make your home unique. Hang a small picture below or above a window. Purposely hang paintings a bit crooked or off balance. This works well in a large grouping so it’s obvious the design is purposeful.

Change Up the Hardware

Hardware in any room is an easy way to create a unique vibe in your home. Don’t get stuck in the feeling of everything must match. Choose drawer pulls and cabinet knobs that you love.

In case you’re wondering, yes, it’s okay to mix and match hardware. Different metals and styles blend together well when done in a pattern or a similar theme.

Mingle a Few Styles

This is a tough one for many. Shouldn’t we all stick with one theme or at least one decade in our homes? Absolutely not. Please do if that’s the style you enjoy. For those of us who swoon over a 1950’s kitchen but also a 1970s living room, let’s mix it up.

It works really well to add a splash of another style into a room that is overwhelmingly one style. Nothing makes a home more unique.
Imagine a modern farmhouse kitchen with a 1950s red formica kitchen table and chairs to shake things up. It’s nothing less than charming, unique, and fun.

Take Advantage of a Staircase

Many staircases are seen as soon as guests enter the front door. What a great opportunity for an instant attention-grabber in your home.
Painted staircases in eccentric designs are rare and great conversation pieces. If the idea of making your home unique makes your heart flutter, start with the staircase for a quick road to a home like no other.

In order to be unique, think beyond traditional. Paint the stairs any color you like. Add writing on the risers or stencil designs. Stare at the stairs for a bit and see what comes to you.

In conclusion, have fun with your home. Don’t be afraid to express yourself through the designs you choose. Enjoy the smiles and compliments as guests enter your home.

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