Considerations for Building a House Near the Coast

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Have you always wanted to build your dream home on the beach? The appeal of a beachside, coastal property is impossible to ignore, though there are some important things to remember about beach houses.

If you want to build your own home within walking distance of your favorite beach, keep these considerations for building a house near the coast in mind. Taking care of these problems during construction can save you from costly renovations in the future.

Weatherproof Your Home

On a coast, there’s almost nothing to protect you from the unfiltered wrath of Mother Nature. Your home will be at risk of many weather-related dangers throughout the year. Building protective additions to your home and using the right materials in your design can keep your beach house safe from both wind and water.

  • Protection from Hurricanes and Wind Damage

    If you plan on building your dream house near the Atlantic or Gulf Coast of the United States, make sure you consider hurricanes when designing. Few structures can withstand 100-200 mph winds for hours on end, but with the proper roof materials, doors, and windows, your house has a higher chance of surviving. These additions may also lower your insurance rates when installed.

    Hurricane and Wind Protection: Low slope, standing seam metal roofing; impact-resistant windows and doors.

  • Protection From Flooding

    Before you consider building on a plot of land, check its flood risk. Many areas have designated flood zones, and coastal properties are no different. Once you determine your flood risk, evaluate the state’s requirements for flood preparations.

    You may need to build your home far above sea level for it to adhere to ordinances. Many areas don’t allow certain structures, such as walls, on beachfront properties. Be sure to follow any local ordinances before building.

    Flooding Protection: Elevated construction, artificial dams or walls, and tightly sealed doors and windows.

Solidify Your Foundation

In many coastal areas, the stability of the ground is questionable at best. Before building, ensure that you’re utilizing the right kind of foundation for the location of your property. Deep foundations, such as helical piers, can reach far underneath the sandy surface to lock your home to stable rock below.

Helical piers have many benefits for coastal home foundations, including the fact that they don’t require concrete to set. Concrete foundations may take longer to set on a coastal home due to the dampness of the soil and may even erode faster on a beach property.

Be Careful of Local Zoning

Last on this list of considerations for building a house near the coast are local zoning ordinances. Local governments typically protect their beaches by zoning and regulating construction.

Make sure you follow their guidelines and laws by applying for the proper permits and researching how far your home must be from the water. With these considerations out of the way, you can begin building and making your dream beach house a reality.

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