Best Types of Flooring Options for a Cleaner Home

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We are in the age of options. More than ever, we have choices for everything. Suddenly we’re standing in the aisle of a store trying to decide between so many versions of the same product. Though we want to be given the luxury of being selective, the more choices we have, the more stressful deciding seems to be. Try narrowing down the selection of the best types of flooring options for a cleaner home based on what you want and need, while keeping your health and wellness in mind.

Carpet is the way of the past. Consider this—though carpet is plushy and what you may be used to, there are several issues with it. If you’re looking for a way to store the allergens, dead skin cells, bacteria, dirt, and pet hair in your home, carpet is the way to go. For a more sanitary choice with a modern feel, you’ll want to use a solid surface flooring option. As opposed to carpet with padding or tile with grout, with these surfaces there’s no risk of an unseen collection of microorganisms.


Hardwood is a timeless choice for flooring. It’s something that will never go out of style. It’s easy to keep clean and if cared for properly, may last a long time. These floors may be maintained by sweeping regularly, washed with hardwood cleaner monthly, and refinished every three to five years depending on wear. 


If hardwood flooring is out of your budget range, no worries. This scratch-resistant flooring is a viable option as you may choose a design that looks like hardwood. Avoid using steam mops or leaving liquid cleaners to sit. Laminate flooring should be swept and vacuumed regularly with a hardwood attachment. To clean, use a laminate floor cleaning product and a damp cloth.


Just like laminate, you can pick a vinyl finish that looks like hardwood, though cheaper in cost and easier to install. Choosing vinyl for your flooring means choosing a water and liquid-resistant material. Due to this, it’s a good flooring choice for pets and children.
The best way to clean vinyl flooring is by using a mixture of apple cider vinegar and hot water. Vinegar is a natural cleaner that removes grime as well as bacteria without the buildup of soap or other cleaning products. This makes vinyl flooring one of the best types of flooring options for a cleaner home.

With the current pandemic and us all being more conscious than before of the spread of germs, it’s worth weighing your options. Deciding on flooring is based on what the best fit for your family and the messes your floor sees. A full house with nothing but foot traffic running through it may need a flooring that can endure a harsher cleaning regiment. Any of these solid surface flooring options are more sanitary than having carpet.

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