Tips for Restoring an Old House

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restoring older house

While some homeowners prefer to build a brand-new home from the ground up, many people still prefer to purchase and renovate an existing home instead. In fact, thanks to the popularity of many HGTV shows, restoring an old home to its former glory has become an increasingly popular trend in recent years.

Depending on the age and size of the building, restoring an old home may be quite a daunting task. With the proper preparations and necessary DIY knowledge, however, renovating an old home can be just as simple as purchasing a brand new one. This guide explores three crucial tips for restoring an old house to make your entire renovation process more stress- and worry-free.

Work from the outside in

When restoring an old home, ensure the house has a strong foundation before you begin renovations. Start by assessing the quality and integrity of the home’s exterior first. Look for any signs of damage or decay in the siding, foundation, and roof. If possible, try to ascertain the age of the siding and roof as well.

In most cases, it will be safest to replace the roof and siding completely, especially if you know the roof is several years old. If you are unable to ascertain how old the siding or roof is, be on the lookout for other visible signs that these elements may be on their last leg. Once you’ve restructured and assessed the exterior of the home for safety, you can begin work on the interior aspects of the house.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken

When renovating a home, it can be very easy to adopt the mindset of “out with the old; in with the new.” However, one of the best tips for restoring an old house is to try and maintain as many of the original elements as possible. Try to repair and restore as much of the home’s original architecture as you are able.

It’s these elements that give the home its character and charm, after all. This may not always be simple, particularly if the home has not received properly cleaning and maintenance over the years. In instances where you are not able to restore the original features, try to replace them with a style that complements the rest of the home’s character.

Don’t go it alone

While it is possible to completely renovate a home yourself, there may come a time when you find you are a bit out of your depth. In such instances, don’t be afraid to turn to the professionals. If you find that YouTube tutorials and online instruction manuals are not as helpful as you originally thought, consider seeking the advice of a licensed contractor instead.

In fact, for larger, more intensive projects it’s often in your best interest to employ a professional from the get-go. This is particularly true for plumbing and electrical work or any renovations that require you to knock down or erect new walls.

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