When to Use Diamond Concrete Drilling – A Complete Guide of Effective Drilling Process

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Diamond Concrete Drilling is one of the most important concrete cutting process which is used in the construction line. This process is associated with electric and hydraulic drilling activities which are used with diamond-tipped drilling equipment as well as Stitch drilling equipment to penetrate stone, slabs, concrete and brick structures required for building projects. In this post, we will explore about requirements of the core drilling process and their benefits using these methods.

Uses of Diamond Concrete Drilling:

  • Electrical, Plumbing and Air-conditioning Installation

    The most important and general application of core diamond concrete drilling is to install any electrical, plumbing and water pipelines and air conditioning pipe fitting through the floors and walls. This method is generally used to make a single hole with the accurate width, people also utilise it for the installation of air condition at home, because it is the easy medium to get the installation done effectively. While installing, a single hole drilling seems simple but drilling at the right space with the accurate depth needs proper and special equipment, so Diamond drilling process is popular for this. Also, the use of inserted diamond-tipped saw gives perfect and accurate results when it comes to penetrating concrete effectively.

  • When Concrete Saws Cannot be used to access tough areas

    At the time of building construction,  contractors and builders face issues when it becomes hard to access the sensitive corners and side parts of the building. A concrete saw cannot be used because it created difficulties in getting proper access to the particular corner side. In order to remove the huge portion of such areas, core drilling processes are generally used for effective results. This process involves overlapping holes unless the particular sections of concrete get detached from the building.

  • When overcutting becomes Impossible from Sawcuts

    Usage of core diamond drilling has replaced the method of conventional concrete saw cutting. The overcutting of building corners and specific areas create difficulties for constructors due to structural reasons, then uses of diamond drilling works. The drilling of corner sides of concrete sections cannot be possible to be done with the help of saw blades. Uses of diamond drilling help you to give perfect and precise cut beyond the margin of corners.

    In this manner, the core drilling helps you to give a perfect cut and gaining perfect access through concrete corners. But the process of core drilling and application vary from requirement to requirement. You can also take help of concrete cut professionals who can assist you in how to use the right equipment and how to use it first time perfectly.

Concrete cutting process using diamond drilling is an innovative technological method of Concrete cutting. It has numerous advantages in the comparison of Conventional drilling. Using Diamond drills helps you to drill holes faster, perfectly and more accurately.

Following are the significances of Diamond concrete drilling:

Diamond Core Drilling is an easy and unique way to drilling holes and cut corner sides of the building and different types of walls, when you fail to use other drilling techniques and unable to meet your drilling requirements. It helps you to reduce your worries of particular tasks and you are not able to perform drilling with your former methods.

  • It is important to create big drilled holes

    Through diamond drilling process and technique, you can create a series of various slots or holes. The holes created experts can help you guide how to drill holes bigger than 2000mm. When you create a bigger hole more than 1500, diamond drilling is always a better option to make drilling methods perfect.

  • The thickness of walls cannot be your obstacles

    Diamond drilling is an excellent way to create confined spaces. Diamond drilling is an important method which helps you to give perfect shape in the wall and building of any thickness. It is a phenomenal technique to create smaller or thicker openings.

    If you are planning to implement or execute a project and you want to keep you surrounding clean, it is important to find something better and perfect equipment to complete your drilling requirements. Diamond Concrete Drilling can be the best option for you.

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