Beyond Nuts and Bolts: Hardware Any Builder Should Know How to Use

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As a builder, you work with an abundance of equipment to get the job done. Part of any construction process is having the right hardware to do the job efficiently. Here are some of the most common types of hardware that every builder should know like the back of their hand.

Cabinet Hardware

One of the most popular projects for builders is kitchen renovations. Understanding the many different types of hardware that are available for cabinets can assist you in designing a build that your client will love. Some examples of cabinet hardware include hinges, drawer slides, catches, latches, locks, flap stays, support bars, and soft close door adapters.

Door Hardware

Installing doors is a necessity in all types of buildings. There are various types of door hardware that can be utilized to achieve different results. Some of the most common include door locks, hinges, and tracks. Most residential door installations will require the use of hinges, handles, and deadlocks. For some special circumstances, having sliding hardware with industrial washers to hold them in place is a necessity.

Bathroom Hardware

One very important room of any home is the bathroom. It receives a lot of use throughout the day. You should be familiar with all the various types of bathroom hardware. Some of these include shower rods, grab bars, corner guards, towel holders, and faucets. For commercial projects, you’ll need to be familiar with washroom necessities like industrial toilet paper holders, paper towel dispensers, and surface mounted soap dispensers.

Gate Hardware

Fences are not anything new. Homeowners and commercial building owners have been using them for a variety of purposes. Knowing the various types of gate hardware that are available to use and how to formulate them together into a fenced structure is a must for any builder. From spring hinges to latch pull systems, you want to be able to present a number of options to fit the needs of your clients.

Building is done with many different components. The above are just four of the various types of hardware that builders come into contact with on a regular basis. As a builder, the more you learn about hardware options, the more satisfied you can make your clients by suggesting options that they didn’t even know existed. Clients who are tired of hearing slamming cabinets can be satisfied with soft close adapters while clients who don’t have excess bedroom space can benefit from sliding door hardware.

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