Reasons to Install a Fire Sprinkler System in Your Home

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It’s not a secret that, when a fire strikes, your life can be turned completely upside down. Not only can they cause damage to your home, but they’re a serious danger to yourself and your other housemates, as well. That’s why it’s important to consider how a fire sprinkler system can help. Homeowners harbor misconceptions about residential fire sprinklers, even as more municipal codes are requiring them. Here are several good reasons to install a fire sprinkler system in your home.

Sprinkler Systems are Fast and Use Less Water than Fire Hoses

No one will be more relieved than local firefighters that a sprinkler system got there before they did. Homeowners sometimes resist the idea of a sprinkler system because they fear significant water damage to their property. Homeowners and those building their dream houses should consider that water damage is better than losing their property completely in a fire. Sprinklers use much less water than fire hoses, and come on only where the fire is located—not all over the house.  According to Bob Vila, damage to homes with sprinkler systems averages $2,200, whereas fires extinguished by fire hoses incur an average of $45,000 in damage.

Sprinkler Systems Complement Smoke Detectors

It goes without saying that all homes should have working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. These essential safety devices warn residents that dangerous conditions exist and that the residents should get out of the house and call for help. These are truly lifesaving devices.
Sprinkler systems complement smoke detectors because they react to heat. When fire causes a rapid increase in temperature, the sprinkler head closest to the location of the flames switches on. According to a report by the NFPA, an astonishing 80% to 90% of fires are suppressed with just one sprinkler head. They also report that 74% of fire deaths in the U.S. happen at home.  Even more astoundingly, the NFPA also reported that, in 2014, the death rate from fires in homes with sprinkler systems was 81% lower than in homes with no automatic extinguisher system.

Sprinkler Systems Can Be Discreet

Homeowners and those planning to build a home often think that sprinkler systems are unsightly. However, residential sprinkler systems have evolved to address this concern. Rather than looking like spiky metal mushrooms protruding from the ceiling, home systems are smaller and can be effectively concealed behind ceiling or wall plates.

Newer Sprinkler Systems Are Long Lasting

Like all major home systems, sprinkler systems require maintenance. With newer systems, this may simply be an annual test to ensure that the system is working properly. Older fire sprinkler systems may need repair or replacement, due to changing building codes or wear and corrosion.

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an old one, consider the many reasons to install a fire sprinkler system in your home. There are so many benefits; plus, your safety should always be a priority in the household.

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