How to Make Your Living Room Look Bigger

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make living room look bigger

A smaller home offers many benefits—it’s cozy, more energy efficient, and less expensive. However, it can also be harder to decorate. If you have a lot of possessions, smaller rooms tend to feel cramped. Fortunately, you can use plenty of design tricks to help use your limited space wisely.

Here’s how to make your living room space look bigger.

Hidden Storage

Multi-functional furniture is a great addition to any space, and it’s especially useful in the living room. A coffee table with a shelf beneath, storage ottomans, and baskets for the hearth or beside the couch all work well in a room. This kind of storage can keep extra pillows and blankets, remotes, and magazines easily accessible in the room but out of sight when you don’t need them.

Natural Light

Natural light is a great way to make a space appear more open, and there are many ways to increase the amount of natural light in a room. Your color palette is a key part of this. Lighter colors reflect more light and make the room brighter, as do mirrors and other reflective surfaces. Consider the type of windows in your living room as well. Larger windows with narrower frames let more light into the room and provide a larger view of the outdoors, both of which make the space seem bigger.


The more furniture and decorations in a room, the more crowded it feels. Try to keep the design of your living room simple. Have one or two larger statement pieces that draw the eye, but leave empty space along the wall. If you have a lot of art or decorations, keep them limited to one wall or in a single shelving unit or other installation.

Furniture Legs

When sofas, chairs, and tables have skirts or sides that reach all the way to the ground, they appear to take up more space. Look for pieces that have exposed legs. The extra room between the floor and the bottom of the furniture create an illusion of having more room. Plus, you can put storage containers in the space underneath.

Pay Attention to the Vertical

A higher ceiling means a bigger room, and you can create the illusion of both by emphasizing the vertical elements of a room. Tall lamps, shelves, and other furniture can all trick the eye into making the walls seem taller. Floor-to-ceiling curtains work the same way, especially with light-colored, thin, or breezy fabrics—these don’t absorb as much light and give the room a sense of airiness.

Clear Pathways

No matter what your style is or how you design a room, a big tip for how to make your living room look bigger is to keep it clean. Have enough floor space for an easy flow of traffic through the room. Try not to cover the walls too much, and make sure the chairs and couch stay clear. This will increase the feeling of roominess and make the place feel more open and inviting.

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