How to Fix Cold Spots in Your House

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Nothing ruins the holidays like cold spots when you’re trying to snuggle up with a hot cup of chocolate and enjoy the festivities. During the cold season, there is nothing worse than finding that your home has areas that are freezing cold even with the heater on.

For some reason, these areas tend to occur where you spend the most time such as near your bed or where you enjoy watching movies at night. The good news is that most cold spots are easy to fix once you detect the issue. Watch out for these common causes of indoor cold spots so that you can fix the underlying cause and enjoy the feeling of warmth.

Stop Drafts at Doors and Windows

Cold spots sometimes occur when there are areas of your home that are not properly sealed. Check each window and door around your house by holding your hand around the seal on a windy and cold day. If you feel air coming in, then you may need to add new weather stripping to keep the warm air inside and the frigid air out.

Get the Heating System Inspected

A faulty furnace can also cause cold spots, and this can happen even if the heating system seems to be kicking on and off. In some cases, the heater could be failing, or it may not be the right size for your house. Arrange for a professional inspection that can reveal whether or not you need to plan for a furnace installation that gets your home toasty warm during those cold days of the season.

Check the Vents

A cold spot that occurs in only one room could be caused by a bad vent. First, check to make sure that the vent is even open. It is common to find that one was left closed after shutting a room for a period of time. Then, check to make sure that air is blowing out of it when the heater is running. If it feels weak or non-existent, then there could be a problem with the furnace or ductwork.

Change the Location of the Thermostat

The thermostat in your home may also be in a place that stays warmer than the rest of your house. For instance, you can expect the temperature in the kitchen or near a fireplace to be slightly warmer than the rest of the house. In this case, moving the thermostat may be your best option to create a more even level of warmth in every room.

In some cases, cold spots need to be addressed through multiple ways. For instance, you might need to change the location or type of thermostat along with repairing the heater. Once you’ve fixed the problem, keep an eye out for new issues that arise so that you can always enjoy a cozy home filled with warmth. Follow these tips to fix the cold spots in your house so you can have a warm and cozy holiday season with your friends and family.

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