Things To Know Before Purchasing Your 8kw Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

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The summer months are just around the corner, and you need to gift your place a new AC. Now, when you started searching for the best models online, you got bombarded with so many options. Making the right choice is tough.

Well, if it comes to Australian weather then winters and summers can be challenging, hence it’s advisable to invest in the reverse cycle air conditioner. For a larger space, you can go for 8kw reverse cycle air conditioner. The best feature if this system is that you can use it for both heating and cooling. So, you need to invest just once. But ,with so many options around you, you need to thoroughly inspect what would be the right choice for you.

In this blog, we will be unfolding the tips that will help you make the right purchase of 8kw reverse cycle air conditioner.

Understanding Reverse Cycle method in Air Conditioners:

Before you aim to invest some bucks on 8kw reverse cycle air conditioner, you need to know what this Reverse Cycle usually stands for. It means one AC unit can be used for heating and cooling the environment. It is one of the cheapest ways to heat the home during winter months.

  • In its cooling mode, the split system AC unit extracts heat from indoor air and then moves it outside. For that, refrigerant gas in pipes is used for connecting outdoor and indoor units.
  • The outdoor unit then releases heat and starts to pumps cooled refrigerant back to the indoor unit whenever the cycle continues.
  • In the current heating mode, the procedure gets reversed simply. Here, the 8kw reverse cycle air conditioner is used for extracting heat energy from outdoor air and then sending it indoors.

If you are planning to use AC units only during the summer months, then a basic cooling only AC unit is perfect for you. Then you don’t have to invest much on reverse cycle one, which is a tad bit expensive than generic ones.

Efficiency is the Key:

One of the key factors that you should not miss is the efficiency and capacity of the air conditioner. It should be good enough to heat or cool the place of installation efficiently. Besides the energy efficiency factor also plays a key role in choosing the AC. Since you will regularly be using the reverse cycle air conditioner, its important that you must choose an energy-efficient system so that you don’t have to pay extra bills.

It is always true to state that the 8kw reverse cycle air conditioner is used for its level of efficiency. It is efficient in your present energy use and even efficient with cost over time. Even when it comes to either heating or cooling, this conditioner is the prime choice for people to make. They provide the best heating arrangement for a home, which is impossible to find in a cooling-only AC unit.

  • Some of the modernized reverse cycle AC systems are more efficient with time, mainly in terms to cost and energy consumption. So, it is a rather good investment in health and comfort.
  • With electricity prices always on the rise, AC efficiency is quite important. The 8kw reverse cycle air conditioner is quite efficient in extreme conditions too. For one kW of electricity this machine consumed, it will generate around 3 or more kW of cooling or heating.

While comparing the energy efficiency level for various ACs, there are multiple energy ratings. Try to ask the specialist to explain what it means, and you will get your results.


Its important that you must shortlist 2-3 different options and compare the price offered by them. This will help you strike a better deal and purchase the AC at a good price.


These are some of the major points to cover up whenever you are aiming for 8kw reverse cycle air conditioner. Make sure to check out the branded options only for purchasing.

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