Shelter from the Storm: 4 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Hurricanes and Tornadoes

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When you live in an area where hurricanes and tornadoes are common, you may be well-aware of the devastating damage that they can inflict on your home. Your home is essentially a sitting duck when a tornado or hurricane bears down on the area. At first glance, it may seem as though your only option is to hope for the best. However, you can take numerous steps to help your home weather the storm more successfully.

Invest in Hurricane Shutters and Windows

Typical windows may easily shatter when exposed to the force of very strong winds. Strong winds may also send projectiles, such as tree limbs and patio chairs, straight into the windows. Special protective shutters and windows are designed to withstand intense force. These features are ideal for homes in tornado-prone areas as well. By keeping windows intact, you may prevent significant wind and rain damage inside the home.

Add a Top Bolt

While exterior doors will not shatter in the same way that windows will, they can blow open or break apart from the frame. Adding a strong bolt to the top of the door frame can strengthen this feature. Because rainwater can penetrate through small cracks in seals, doors and windows should be resealed with a fresh layer of caulk each year.

Keep Landscaping Tidy

Property damage related to uprooted trees and broken tree branches is common. While you cannot prevent a full tree from being uprooted, you may promote tree strength by pruning the branches regularly. In addition, all loose features in the yard should be moved into the garage before a storm arrives. This includes potted plants, patio furniture, a grill and other items. Any loose item can become a damaging projectile in a severe storm.

Install Roof Straps

If your roof blows off, the entire interior of the structure is at risk. It will be exposed to strong winds and heavy rains. In addition, damage to walls may be more likely when the roof has been removed. Special straps have been designed to hold down your roof and prevent it from blowing off. Shingles may still blow off, but the roof’s integrity is more likely to remain intact when it is secured by straps.

Most of these steps can be taken immediately, but some require your attention immediately before a storm hits your area. Now is the time to begin preparing your home for the next big storm by making thoughtful upgrades and improvements.

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