Building a New Home? 4 Must-Have Accents to Complete Your Look

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If you are designing a new house, then you want it to look trendy yet classic, and have a warm, welcoming feel as soon as you enter. Choosing the right accents can give you an inviting space. We have four ways you can personalize your new house to make it look and feel amazing.

Massive Pieces of Art Make Your New Home Look Expensive

There is no reason to take out a loan to buy a Monet. All you need is a large canvas and someone who has some creativity and inspiration. If you do not want to make the artwork yourself, then you can find large pieces at estate sales and thrift stores. You might learn about the piece and possibly the artist. You can use the story to tell the history of the art when guests stop over.

Railings and Trim Add Character and Charm

When you want instant welcoming vibes, you cannot go wrong with wainscoting and ceiling medallions. These ornate pieces can be painted the same color as the walls to minimize impact, or you can go bold with gold trim. Adding crown molding not only looks great, but it also raises the value of your house. When you want a modern design, stainless steel balustrades work well, inside and out. The sleek cables take place of railings and make a space feel more open.

Vignettes Add Appeal and Create Functional Nooks

Did you ever want a reading nook when you were young? A vignette is easy to put in front of a massive picture window or in the corner of a bedroom or den. Even little spaces can look ornate and showcase favorite photos, books, and art. You can turn your coffee table into a statement piece with contrasting shapes and colors. In the kitchen, a coffee bar is easy to set up on a rolling cart or a few corner shelves near an outlet. A small triangular table will fit below the shelves and give you room to store supplies and extras.

Large Rugs and Bold Decor Pieces Round out the Style

Nothing makes your home look complete more than a well-chosen style. Your accent pieces can be as bold and vibrant as you want. Use these items to show off your style. Take colors from your rug choice, and bring those tones into the room with pillows, fancy decorations, and sculptures or paintings. Remember, you can swap out anything that does not work.

Your new house will feel cold and uninviting unless you put your touch into the space. Some of the easiest ways to do this are to add decorations and rugs. You can also start in the planning phases to create a character that gives your house a rich appeal and boosts value. Vaulted ceilings, layered lighting, drapes that run from floor to ceiling, and nailhead trim on furniture adds a touch of class and makes the space feel complete.

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