How to Start Fresh When You Love Your Location But Hate Your Home

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Finding the perfect home in a great location is no easy feat. That is why many people settle on a second-rate house as long as they like the area. Unfortunately, minor annoyances around the home can quickly become major problems. This is especially true if your home is decades old and has outdated plumbing, HVAC and electrical systems.

If you are unhappy with your home but want to stay in the same location, you can with some effort. Here are a few steps you can take to improve the situation.

Discuss Your Least Favorite Aspects

Before you decide what you are going to do with your home, spend a few days writing down what you are unhappy with. Some homeowners might dislike structural features while others are only interested in addressing a few cosmetic issues.

Once you have that list, you can then decide if you need to renovate your home, redesign it from the ground up, or move entirely. Those who have built up a fair bit of equity might benefit from taking out a loan to renovate or rebuild entirely.

Plan out Upgrades and Renovations

Upgrading your current home is the first thing that you should consider doing. The idea of spending money on comprehensive renovations often sounds daunting. But many companies can get these jobs done within just a few weeks.

As long as you carefully plan your upgrades, you could also increase the value of your home by a tremendous amount. Options such as taking out walls and opening up rooms will completely change the look and feel of a home.

Consider a Local Move

Another option is to sell your home and buy a nearby piece of property. Unfortunately, this option is completely reliant on the state of the local real estate market. Depending on where you live, there might not be any homes for sale within a few blocks of your ideal location.

There could also be a housing bubble that is driving the local prices up. You should only consider a local move after speaking to an experienced realtor.

Rebuild from the Ground Up

Designing and building a home from the ground up can be easy and affordable. That is, as long as you hire the right team of specialists. With demotion specialists from Alliance Demolition Services, Inc., as well as with contractors and home designers by your side, your new house might be ready in as little as a few months.

You will have to determine the total cost of a rebuild. You should factor in the money that you will be spending on your temporary place of residence.

Your home is most likely one of your biggest investments. You want to be absolutely sure that you are making the most out of it. Before deciding on any plan, you must first weigh the pros and cons of all of your options.

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