Dream House: 5 Tips to Help You Build the Perfect Home

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Many people live in one or several homes over the years before they get to the point where they are ready to build their dream home. Now that you have reached this monumental point in your life, you may be eager to start seeing progress made on the construction efforts. However, before you take the leap into the construction aspect of your project, you need to apply a few tips to your efforts.

Have a Vision

You may have been dreaming about building a custom home for many years, but now is the time to pull together all of your ideas into a cohesive plan. It may be helpful to review designs and plans online or in home decorating magazines. Determine the features that you absolutely need to have as well as the features that you would prefer to have. You may also rank these features in terms of importance before handing your list to your builder.

Choose Your Lot Carefully

The lot that you select will affect your design plan as well as the cost of your project. For example, if you have a lot with an amazing view, you may want your home design to take advantage of the view in various ways. The slope of the lot, the vegetation and the presence of utility connections can all affect your project’s timeline and budget. Consider consulting with your builder before you purchase a piece of land.

Line up Financing

Another important step to take before construction can begin is to search for construction financing. In many cases, you can also set up the take-out loan from a place like MainSource Bank that will become the permanent loan once the construction is finished. The monthly payment on your financing needs to be affordable, but remember that many home-related factors will be altered when you move into a new home. For example, your commuting expenses and utilities may change. You also need to factor in maintenance and repair costs, HOA dues and other expenses.

Select the Right Home Designer

Your home designer should be selected with care. Ideally, the designer will have experience with the style of home that you want to buy. The designer also may have great relationships with subcontractors in the area.

Think about Eco-Friendly Features

One factor that many people overlook when building a home is green features. Everything from the windows and HVAC system to the type of roof and insulation used will affect energy costs and even your home’s value over the years. Learn more about eco-friendly features that are increasingly commonplace in modern homes.

These factors are difficult to correct after construction begins. Therefore, they each deserve your focused attention during the planning and pre-construction phases.

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