Homeowner’s Guide: How Small Renovations Can Make a Difference

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When you think about updating your home through a renovation, you may have grand dreams of what your finished project may look like. On the other hand, you may see dollar signs. While some homeowners are able to pull together tens of thousands of dollars or more for a significant renovation, your budget may be much smaller.

The good news is that there are several smaller renovation projects that you could complete that can dramatically improve the appeal and even the value of your home in different ways.

A New Front Door

Depending on the look and condition of your current front door, a replacement door may be an excellent idea. Doors may range from less than $500 to more than $2,000. Some doors require you to stain or finish them on your own, and this gives you control over the final shade or hue of your front door.

You could also work with a contractor to enlarge your door space to accommodate double doors or a set of doors with side windows for an upgraded look. A front door is a focal point for your home’s exterior, and it also can impact interior décor. In addition, because it is one of the first features that visitors focus on, it can set the tone for your entire home decorative scheme.

A New Backsplash

Updating your kitchen is an excellent idea if your home is showing signs of age and wear. However, when you lack ample funds to complete a full kitchen renovation, a smart idea is to focus on the backsplash. Depending on the size of your kitchen and the materials that you choose, this project could cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

Many homeowners find that this is an easy enough project to tackle through do-it-yourself effort. If you get comfortable laying tile on your own, you can even use your skills to replace bathroom tile around the tub or in the shower. Another idea is to replace tile flooring throughout the home on your own when time and funds allow.

Updated Doors and Trim

You may not think that doors and trim are major factors that require your attention when renovating your home. However, when you think about the difference between a home that has completely flat doors without accents and very thin, non-descript trim versus decorative doors with elaborate trim, you can see what a difference this can make.

Remember that doors and trim are prevalent in all rooms in the home, and they can, therefore, have a major impact on decor. Replacing doors and trim are tasks that many homeowners can complete on their own. You can even upgrade door hardware for an extra touch of style throughout the home. If time is limited, simply work on one or two rooms each weekend.

Attractive Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can also show the age of the home. Replacing them can instantly make your home look updated and fresh. Some light fixtures can be expensive to invest in, but others are rather affordable. Choose a desirable trim and finish that gives your home a more current, updated look. If you are comfortable replacing light fixtures safely on your own, you can save a substantial amount of money on labor.

Major home renovations are effective for creating substantial change throughout the home. In some cases, a home may need a major renovation or flipping because its style and function may be lacking throughout the home. However, you may be able to create incredible results through a minor transformation effort when you focus on these aspects. These are projects that you may be able to complete on your own for added savings with training from people like Success Path.

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