Home Overhaul: 5 Tips for a Major Renovation

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Whether you have bought a newly built home or a fixer-upper, sometimes you need to do necessary maintenance and repair tasks to make the home look the way you want. Here are five concepts to implement for a successful home renovation.

Have a Plan

One of the worst mistakes many people do is starting a renovation project without the major details such as cost, design, materials, and time. Changing your plans or choices in the middle of the remodeling project can be quite expensive. Thus, use proper design tools to gain a concept of your project before you begin, and make estimates of what the project will require regarding cash, time, and materials.

Choose the Right Contractor

Similar to finding a good therapist or dentist, a home renovation requires a good contractor. Some contractors have done shoddy work that it cost a lot of money to redo, while others have scammed homeowners and disappeared. You need a reputable contractor with experience working on similar projects like yours.
Again, you need to hire professionals because some remodeling jobs such as plumbing and wiring need to be done by a pro. Working with professionals like Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. or similar individuals will save you lots of money because they know smart ways to achieve the results you desire cost-effectively.

Provide the Details

When working with the contractor of your choice, ensure you provide very detailed design specifications to avoid any hidden costs. On the site, unforeseen problems such as drainage, roofing, and plumbing can cause delays and prove to be expensive. Thus, take the time do a mental walk through the area to be remodeled and ensure everything is located precisely where and how you want it to be.

Keep Track of Your Budget

Whether you use the services of a project manager or decide to run the project yourself, remember to keep changes to a minimum because this will help you avoid extra costs. Allot a figure against all phases of the project such as furniture, appliances, electrics, plumbing, and building works, and keep tallying the amount to remain on track. Ensure you don’t run out of money before the project is completed.

Do It Yourself

You can perform some of the smaller tasks and finishing touches such as upcycling furniture, decorating, and sanding floors yourself. You can also paint the walls or make your own cushions, curtains, and blinds. Doing this will save you more money in the end.

A successful home remodeling project doesn’t need to be very expensive. Thus, devise a plan; find a great contractor; provide precise detailsabout your desired outcome, and stick to your budget, and you will be assured of having a successful renovation project.

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