Listing Your Upscale Top-dollar Property

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The average home or property buyer cannot afford to put in serious bids on upscale listings.  They typically relegate their search for a new home to buy in residential neighborhoods with averaged priced houses.

As the owner of an upscale property that can fetch top dollar, it makes no sense to list it in a way that would attract the attention of people who cannot buy it for you. You need to take extraordinary yet available measures to have your house shown to people who are interested and have the financial means to put in serious bids. 

You can get your house up on the market and consider serious buyers by retaining the services of an exclusive firm, a high end real estate agent, or online marketers that can guide your listing away from the everyday buyer and toward someone who is ready to close today.

Unique Measures

An high end representative has resources available that most everyday agents do not use when listing houses for sale.  In the typical market, agents will list a house for sale in the local newspaper, online, or by posting signs on street corners and in the front yard to alert interested buyers. 

The agent will then host open houses where anyone can come in and take a look at the house.  You may not know who is in your home or what they have taken notice of while you are gone during the showing.  You have no control who comes in through doors under the guise of being an interested buyer.

As an upscale property owner, however, you do retain a significant amount of control over to whom your property is shown.  The agent you enlist to help you sell can use methods like drone photography and video to capture a dimensional, intimate, yet safe view of your house and surrounding land.  These images can then be uploaded to the agent or firm’s website or offered in a storybook pamphlet made available to people who want to bid.

Once interested buyers see the listing, they can contact the agent directly to discuss more about the property details and pricing.  You can likewise get details about them so you know their names, level of interest, and ability to buy before you let them onto your property and into your house.

These extraordinary measures are necessary to keep you and your family safe from people who may only want to target you for theft and burglaries.  The relationship between you and your agent establishes a level of accountability and safety typically not witnessed in the usual realtor-seller relationship among everyday buyers and sellers.

Using these measures can be a valid way to sell when you want to liquidate the home and property quickly.  It captures the attention of people who have the legitimate means to buy the house from you and to close on the deal faster than if you were to use an agent from a mainstream agency.

Upscale sellers and buyers may need to use unique means to find and offer high-end properties.  An agent who specializes in representing people in this category of clientele will have extraordinary measures of showing the house, vetting bids, and ensuring everyone’s safety when closing the sale between the buyer and the seller.

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