7 Concerning Signs Your Home is Not Winter-Ready

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Are you and your home prepared for the upcoming bitter winter? Below, are the top five most commons signs that your home may be welcoming drafts, high energy bills, and causing property damage that you will need to get replaced or repaired before winter arrives.

Your Utility Bills Are Sky High

You may already be looking for extra cash this fall to purchase new Halloween decoration or new fall clothes. However, how can you when your utility bills are so high? Fortunately, by spending some of your savings on upgrading your windows, you can lower the cost of your energy bills and prevent your hard earned money from disappearing into your utility costs.

You’ve Been Putting off Roof Repairs

No one enjoys worrying about their roofs, especially with winter right around the corner. However, it’s a subject that you should think about, especially with the toll that ice and snow can cause to your roof. If you have any repairs that require attention, we suggest you get on top of them now, rather than later. The more you postpone your roof repairs, the higher chance of your roof becoming even more damaged, not to mention, higher repair costs as well.

Your Gutters are Full of Muck

Dirty gutters are non-functional gutters. Because they will not run the water away from your home, you could be looking at flooding or serious structural damage. To fix this, simply clean your gutters and replace them if they are broken. You can also hire a professional company like Stevens Roofing Corporation to help with the gutter cleaning and installation if needed.

Your Attic is Uninsulated

Attics with poor or bad insulation can cost you dearly during the winter. You will lose a ton of heat in your home this way, costing you dearly on heating costs. Contact professional to install adequate insulation in your attic as it could save you a ton of money on your energy bills each month for the long run.

You Can Feel a Draft through Your Windows

If you find yourself avoiding your windows all winter long, it may be time to purchase some replacement windows. Drafty windows can cause you to lose a lot of heat. Be sure to look for energy efficient windows.

It’s Been a While since You Last Had Your Furnace Inspected

The last thing you want is for your furnace or boiler to suddenly stop working in the middle of a February night. Instead, get your furnace inspected before the cold weather hits. By doing so, you can ensure that you have plenty of time to fix the issues if there are any.

Your Walkways Are Full of Cracks

Walk around your home and check for cracks in your walkways, stairs, and other stonework. Be sure to repair any damaged joints or cracks. This will make it much easier to shovel when the time comes.

Winter is coming closer and closer every day. To stay warm when the cold weather hits, make sure to check for these common issues. By fixing these problems, you can protect your home and your family this winter.

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