How to Deal with a Blocked Sewer Drain

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A blocked sewer drain can mean a lot. Whether it’s your home or office, your property can be in a big problem of drainage and hygiene if the sewer line is blocked. Moreover, if you are not careful from the beginning about watching what you are washing down the drain, then you may soon face this day that your sewer is clogged and sewage water reverses back into the house or office. Whether its kitchen sink or toilet drain, or the gutter drain, all may be responsible for the clog in the blocked sewer drain. Hence, here are a few tips to avoid the ultimate problem.

How to Avoid the Clogging of the Sewer Drain

In most of the cases it’s seen that the drain clogs due to the fault of the users. Solid wastes which cannot pass well through the drains are thrown at mouths of the drain. Through toilet flushing, kitchen sinks etc., the solid wastes pass with waste water, and gets stuck at narrow passages or along many other solid wastes to form a big chunk inside the sewer drain. This can be completely avoided by watching what you are flushing out in the different drains and sinks at your home or office.

How to Use the Sewer Drain Snake

The sewer drain snake is a semi soft, very narrow, long snake like tool, which is used to clean the sewer drain. This tool is inserted through the opening, and extended continuously through the opening inside till you feel that it has struck a point where lies the obstruction. You can hold the d rain snake at the end of it by a holder pin. It’s soft enough to bend as per the drain pipe structure, and is also hard enough to make its way by piercing any soft or semi hard obstruction.

Whom to Call When the Clog Is Too Serious

You should act well before the clog gets too serious. The clog may look small or manageable initially when the sewage water is coming back a little, or the water is taking time to pass through and pooling for some time till it passes slowly. You may also find gurgling sound of the water, as the liquid pushes against trapped air inside the sewer line to get through. All these are telltale signs of a block, and have to be taken seriously.

When you get any of them, you should try to unblock by using the mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Next, you may try using the sewer drain snake to unclog with some pressure and maneuvering. When these do not work, then it’s time to call for the experts.

Blocks may not be for only one reason. From the outside you may guess the reason only. You may only anticipate that something is stuck somewhere down the sewer. But the reality can be different. It may be a collapsed pipeline which you can’t see. It may also be a tree root or clumps of tree roots which have grown inside the sewer line for years and are now too big and dense to block the way. Such reasons can obstruct the place in such a way that none of the common ways to unblock would help.

In this scenario, you would need the services of a professional sewer cleaning service, who can deal with blocked sewer drain with their apparatus, high end equipment and cameras etc. Before it’s too late and you are buried under reversing sewer water and fumes of bad odor, you must call a professional blocked sewer drain cleaner service and take help.

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