Choose High-Quality Cafe Style Roller for Summers

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The cafe style rollers are highly preferred options for different kinds of homes and the commercial enterprises. Basically, these are of the café style as the name indicates, but work in homes as well. Cafes prefer these because of easy access that you get and also because many automated options are available as well.

However, the requirements for choosing these tend to differ drastically. There are some who care more about aesthetic appeal while others are worried about privacy so here are some factors to choose these roller blinds, especially when the summer sun is not letting you get a peaceful siesta

  1. During the warm summer months, it is highly recommended that you go for lighter shades. The cafe style rollers have a large variety and so you can opt for the hues of nudes, beige and other similar options. Along with this, you can also get something that is transparent or even white in color. Doing so will help in maintaining a cooler indoor temperature.
  2. These cafe style rollers blinds are highly recommended in different kinds of materials as per your requirement. For example, if you are placing these outside the window then it is recommended that you go for PVC or similar fabrics that are easy to use, dry fast and are also weather resistant. However, the ones that are made of cloth are more suitable for the indoors. These are lighter in weight and they tend to create a homelier atmosphere. Cafes do prefer something PVC related considering their commercial requirements but for homes, you can always keep it subtler.
  3. Then the next question that you should cross your mind when choosing these cafe style rollers is also the window style. During winter, there is a chance that your windows are not open too much if you live in colder zones and vice versa for the others. However, if you have bi-fold windows then you need to get two sets of cafe blinds. Doing so is important to ensure that you are able to open them with ease.

Decoration aspects

So now that you are sorted with some of the functional aspects, consider the decor part too. For example, cafe style rollers are also available in prints and plains. Now being warm during summers you want to pick something light and floral. It is true that plains also look nice, but it is always good to have some color or texture. Alternatively, you can go for a vivid or summer theme too like the tropics. These look best on smaller windows because of their functional style. Also in this reference, you will find that using the manual ones is much easier as compared to the automated ones. If going for bigger windows then automated works better.


The cafe style rollers are not very expensive. However, the budget remains crucial be it for the home or a commerce venture. So first of all, you should work out exactly how many windows you would like to cover with these blinds. The ones that go from ceiling to floor can be avoided. It is best to compare rates from different vendors to get the best of quotes.

Here are some other considerations that should be taken into account

  1. The cafe style rollers should be measured aptly before you order them. If you are going for something that is readymade, then measure it precisely too. Remember, any fluctuation here and you will have trouble closing windows and spoil the look too.
  2. You should ideally hire the installers for doing the installation. It is not your regular curtain.

So, keep these little things in mind when buying or choosing cafe style rollers.

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