Backyard Reno: 5 Fantastic Options for Home Add-ons

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Many Americans are opting for stay cations these days instead of leaving home to get some peace and quiet. Whether you have the budget for a full on renovation or enough to add something to one area of your garden, we have some ideas that will help you figure out the best addition to your back yard. Better Homes and Gardens says to use dual-purpose furniture to get the most bang for your buck.

Cozy Seating Areas

No matter whether you have a huge backyard or a small garden off of the deck, you can create a space where you can sit back with a glass of iced tea or lemonade and chill. Choose weatherproof furniture, use pavers, and opt for stone or metal tables. Throw in some beautiful plants for eye candy to impress guests. Finally, add curtains if you have no fence to give you privacy for those times when you just want to be alone.

Swimming Pools

Every homeowner has considered a swimming pool in the backyard at some point or another. Custom swimming pools give families many options for entertaining guests and enjoying the outdoors without breaking the bank. You can have your contractor build something to the size and shape of your backyard so that the pool fits your style and needs whether in the ground or above. There are numerous materials, colors, and patterns to select.


Putting a pergola in your yard gives you a semi-shaded place to relax after work or school. You can put a rug or bricks underneath, a grill nearby, and a picnic table for fun barbecues and gatherings. The best part about pergolas is they add style without taking up a ton of space. You can adapt the size of the arbor to fit the scope of the yard too. You can even add vines and other plants to soften the edges, add more shade, or to fit the pergola into the existing patio design.

Fire and Water

Every garden needs a stunning focal point. A comfortable seating area with a sunken fire pit is one way to invite friends over for some S’more’s or to sample a new bottle of Cabernet. Benches and Adirondack chairs circling a large concrete fire pit is the perfect setting for long summer conversations under the stars. The kids can run around the back yard while the adults catch up. Water features are just as incredible as a fire pit. You can choose any style and size you want to fit your yard and make it what you desire from angels to custom pieces. You can have one created by a local artist for a unique idea that will get every guest talking about your yard.

Fruit and Vegetable Gardens

There is no better way to add on to your existing living space than to build a greenhouse or garden area where you can grow food for your family. You can make any size garden you need to fit the space. Many people are going for potted gardens and raised planters allowing them to create fantastic soil beds overflowing with fresh food options all summer long. This addition can even go year-round for those that choose to have a small greenhouse on the property.

Your back yard is not necessarily a separate space on your property. Creative ideas like dramatic entrances let you connect indoors and outdoors for more square footage that the entire family can enjoy. Choose a feature that fits your needs, yard size, and budget, but be creative. You might be surprised at all the ideas you come up with when you want to vacation at home.

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