Low-Hassle Ways to Improve Home Value

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Many homeowners believe that improving their home value means spending thousands of dollars on upgrades. The truth is, you can easily refresh your home and increase its value without breaking the bank—or your back. Here are some low-hassle tips for improving your home’s value without landing in the poorhouse.


New paint is still king of increasing a home’s value at very little cost. You can keep the cost of a new paint job as low as $100 by doing the painting yourself. Another low-hassle method is to only repaint high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathrooms. New paint alone can increase the value of your home by up to 1-2%. Not bad for such a small investment!

Conservative earth tones are currently the most popular interior colors of 2017. But whites also appeal to prospective homebuyers because neutral colors allow them to imagine the home in their own design.

Light it Up

A well-lit home is a welcoming home, so spend a little time and money on lighting. One of the best—an environmentally-friendly—ways to illuminate your home is by taking advantage of natural sunlight. Sun tubes are less expensive than skylights, while also effectively letting in plenty of natural light.

Also consider installing dimmer switches. Dimmers can help create a desired mood while also reducing your energy consumption. Two of the best places to install dimmer switches are bedrooms and bathrooms. Turning on the lights to use the bathroom in the middle of the night can be extraordinarily painful; having a dimmer switch can prevent that.

Update Your Kitchen

One of the first rooms potential homebuyers check out is the kitchen. In fact, the appearance of your kitchen alone can make or break a sale. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to overhaul the appliances and cabinetry. Focus your funds on upgrading faucets, refreshing cabinet doors, and replacing out-of-date light fixtures. If you have the means, re-tiling the backsplash can work wonders.

If the countertops have you worried, they probably don’t need replacement. You can hire a resurfacing company to smooth out your countertops for much less than you would spend replacing them.

Refresh Your Bathrooms

Next to kitchens, bathrooms are the most important rooms for potential homebuyers. After all, the average person spends about 3 hours in the bathroom each week—and that doesn’t count applying makeup or other cosmetic activities. Fortunately, you can update your bathroom for little cash while increasing the value of your home.

Something as simple as a new toilet seat or replacing old, discolored vinyl tiles can make a huge difference. Replace chipped or broken tiles in your shower walls or consider re-grouting your tiles to give your bathroom and updated look. If a complete replacement is in order, consider a prefabricated tub and shower combination to save time and money.

Consider Curb Appeal

If the outside of your home doesn’t look good, potential buyers won’t bother looking inside. Basic maintenance like a healthy, regularly-mowed lawn and weed/junk-free garden beds goes a long way. Same goes for keeping trees and shrubs neatly trimmed.

If you have the means, consider hiring professionals to replace your siding. New siding is one of the best things you can do for your curb appeal, as well as your overall home value.


Other low-hassle upgrades that increase the value of your home include reorganizing your closets, replacing carpet, or converting a den into a bedroom. Upgrading your home security system or adding simple home security devices may be a good idea if there’s room in your budget.

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