Fiery Elements for Your Outdoor Area

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What really adds an extra touch to your outdoor nook is most definitely fire. Nowadays people opt for outdoor fireplaces as the most extravagant option. Fire pits are also a remarkable way of using fire as a type of decoration. If you want to exploit the fire, you can even build an outdoor kitchen equipped with grills to help you with barbecue or any other food preparation for outdoor dining.


Fireplaces can be built to set the mood or for practical reasons as an oven for pizza. The practical usages are not numerous, so it may not be advisable to build solely for this purpose. You can always install an outdoor kitchen for that. If you want to install a fireplace, be sure that you have a permit to do so. When it comes to the design, the best alternative is to go with the same or similar look to the exterior of your house. At least, choose bricks of the similar color. The available fireplaces include ones using gas and wood to fuel the fire. If you want the authentic smell of a fireplace, go with wood-burning ones. If you are not building, you can acquire a fireplace kit. They are easy to assemble and require no construction skills. If you are not sure about building, consult or hire a contractor.

Fire pits

Fire pits are less lavish than fireplaces but are still a great asset you your overall outside décor. The ideas for the design of fire pits are numerous, so you can brainstorm what particular design you would prefer. Their use is not purely decorative, you can use them to roast marshmallows and keep your cup of tea warm while sitting next to the fire in chilly nights. Additionally, if you do not plan to buy one, they are easy to construct. You need to prepare the foundation by digging a hole and make a foundation for laying the bricks. The type of brick is important, so choose firebricks as they withstand the temperature better. Even though they are more expensive and harder to split if you need to appropriately fill in the spaces, they are still the best option in the long run. The outdoor wall of the fire pit can be made out of ordinary bricks. If you are into details, spray paint the inner wall black with stove paint.

Outdoor kitchen

Kitchens for your outdoor area are an excellent idea that can always be useful. The standard part of your kitchen should be a grill. The market offers different types of grills that include gas, charcoal, electric and portable grills. The benefit of a gas grill is that it can be cleaned fast and easily. However, if you are an admirer of charcoal taste, then this is not the type of grill for you. Even though you are a fan of charcoal aroma, these grills are harder to clean. Bear this in mind and weigh your options carefully before buying one. The most convenient grill is the electric one. It requires no fuel, just plug it in, and start preparing your food. Portable grills are reserved for people planning to go camping or organizing some outdoor event. As far as the seating arrangement is concerned, there are two options. Find the most durable outdoor tables and chairs and place them next to your kitchen. A more rugged idea is to make a concrete countertop arou8nd the grill and use barstools.

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