4 Chic Door Options to Boost Your Curb Appeal

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When we speak of pride of ownership and curb appeal, we speak of ideas that immediately change the present look of your home to one that is chic and very appealing. With just a few of the below listed upgrade ideas to your front door, your home transforms into something you take pride in while upgrading your re-sale value as well. The large majority of buyers use the Internet to shop for a home, these days, and the first thing they look at in web page photos is the front door.

A Fresh Coat of Paint and New Hardware

So simple and yet so obviously effective, this one step can make it or break it as far as making a positive first impression to visitors and buyers alike. A small cottage by the water benefits from a front door painted aqua. Suggesting wealth and abundance, the color is the perfect touch for a bungalow by the seaside. A shiny doorknob and wide-angle peep hole also help give a new look to doors.

A Touch of Feng Shui

So many concepts found in the Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui are now being sought after by homeowners, buyers and realtors alike. An uncluttered front door entrance projects a look of order and alluring spiritual freedom.

Being the entrance to the rest of the home, the walkway to the door also needs to be unobstructed and free from any old bicycles and worn out rubber tires. Some gracefully trimmed, low-lying hedges or colorful flowers in a pot by the door do much to up your home’s value—aesthetically as well as monetarily.

A Change of Doors

Many times, it is simply time to change the door. Wear and tear, an old boring design or just too many coats of paint say that a door needs replacement. If this is the case, then a good home improvement store can do the trick.

Seasonal Decor

One popular trick to giving your door a certain look about it is to use the four seasons and their associated traditional holidays as a treasury for door accessories. Harvest wreaths, pumpkins and other autumn squashes especially add to the seasonal displays on your front door entrance.

Even winter can be used to advantage by adding simulated snow to a sparse, winter door wreath. Keeping seasonal colors in mind can also form the basis to the particular mood and feel you wish to convey during a particular time of the year.

Making your home front door entrance stand out and look chic does not have to break anyone’s bank. It’s amazing what a few simple and not too expensive touches can do in transforming your residence into the talk of the neighborhood—and potential buyers as well.

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